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Comment ------- Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) ------ (Score 1) 150

-----[ If the author, or a loved one of his, is reading... please look into this carefully! ]----

Cancerous cells love sugar. IPT uses that to launch a trojan horse attack with very low dose chemo. For this condition IPT is challenging, but a very promising treatment (please see Google link below):

Comment Re:Derivative Works (Score 1) 293

Yeah, sure.

And for 20 years, grateful Neanderthals left choice carcasses by the cave of the one who figured partridge soup helped the a'choos.

They were happy the inventor of this diagnostic test and theraputic method was licensing his discovery on an FRAND basis.

Comment Re:Haters Gonna Hate (Score 1) 915

Because sin is still sin.

Regarding the two Old Testament commandments above:
- the first doesn't describe a squinty person as sinful
- the second - the 'hair commandment' was apparently against an idolatrous fashion of the time.

To be fair to your point, the Catholic church is itself idolatrous due to its worship of Mary, belief in apparitions and superstitions.

Comment Re: Microsoft controls compoter booting (Score 1) 185

Uh, no... Merely getting the top 20 motherboard manufacturers to do thiat would do just fine...

In fact after 4 or 5 include the keys, the rest will be scrambling over each other to "let their computers run Linux"

Signatures can be revoked. Is it more difficult (or attractive) for 20 manufacturers to revoke keys, or for Microsoft to?

Comment the rules... (Score 1) 384

1. Don't be a theorist -- profile your code! Only consider code for deletion that's not actually used in production
2. If the code you want to delete code can't be profiled (e.g. its within a method), be creative... refactor it out into a method and profile.... Or write a log entries to disk.
3. Now delete the code - be bold!
4. ... But make sure your tests pass
5. Get your change reviewed
6. Get your build UAT tested by 'the business'... perhaps by bundling with other minor changes
7. Along with a deployment plan, have a rollback plan (and a rollback build).

You notice I didn't say "use version control". Version control is good for managing the development process. Its not a shortcut to manage the entire software change process.

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