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Comment Re:I'll Second the Motion: It's Stupid (Score 1) 249

to be fare LinkedIn isn't targeted for the same things as Facebook.

Facebook is a social network.
LinkedIn is a "professional network" - networking for business/IT/etc professionals.

they don't have the same stated goals, but both seem to be the best in class for their stated goals.

I have profiles on both.

Comment Re:I'm going to go out on a limb here.... (Score 2, Insightful) 249

It isn't that they don't care about "online privacy", it is that they've joined a site specifically to share certain information. Any information they post on Facebook, etc is clearly information they're ok with Having in public.

My profile on FB has a lot less information than most other peoples. Does that mean I don't care about my online privacy? no, I just don't care if people know that I like Belegarth MCS, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Facebook is essentially public space, don't expect things you do in public spaces to be private. It's not that hard to figure out.

As for GP not knowing what it's for: keeping in contact with people you might not necessarily see every day? Is it that hard to figure out?

Caveat: I don't play facebook games, I don't install apps, etc. My FB profile is very minimal.

Comment Social networks are for sharing information. (Score 1) 249

Social networks are where you go to share information, if there is information on that social network that you don't want in a public place you shouldn't have posted it in the first place.

Social networks are like public spaces, don't expect anything you do there to be private information.

The entire idea of privacy on a social network is moronic - that's not what they were designed for. The only things I've put on my FB account are things I'm fine with people knowing.

Common fucking sense people.

Comment Re:Just like porn "conclusively" creates rapists (Score 5, Insightful) 587

I'm an ISU Alum

this guy has an agenda. He was a common subject among the CS students, about how he talks out his ass with confirmation bias.

As an alum i just sent him a polite email telling him that he's full of shit

"conclusive" in science.. uumm
"conclusive" in psychology? not even POSSIBLE
"conclusive" in a meta-analysis? YOU'RE FREAKING BIASED!

Comment Monthly Fee + Corporate Farkwads (Score 4, Informative) 490

listings for mythTv from SchedulesDirect: $20 PER YEAR
listings for Tivo: $16 PER MONTH.

No reason for guide data for tivo to cost so frakking much. And then there is the idea they think that if you hack your box - YOUR BOX, you bought it - to get listings somewhere else that you are stealing service from them.

No, getting listings from them without paying would be theft of services. Getting your listings from somewhere else is not.

TiVo is run by a bunch of corporate farkwads.

Comment Re:Even "Experts" Struggle with OOP (Score 1) 396

my "rule of thumb" for "object or not?" tends to be this:

Is this a concept with both data and functions associated with it? If Yes: Good candidate for object
Is this a linear task (A->B conversions, etc)? If Yes: poor candidate for object (though the data it is working on might be a good candidate)

Comment Re:DP, Algorithms, OOP A&D, Threading, etc (Score 1) 396

my school's core curriculum is actually how i crafted the list. Prior to high school I was a self taught programmer, in high school i was blessed to have a computer science class taught by a former lead developer from Apple (Newton platform).

I looked my university curriculum and deduced what i would have never properly learned as a self taught programmer.

Before my high school teacher educated me in the right ways to do things I was the worst type of BFI self-taught you'd ever seen: like the vast majority of self-taughts.

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