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Comment Re:I prefer "Merry Newtonmas"! "Happy Halloween" a (Score 1) 410

Luke chapter 2 says shepherds were sleeping outside overnight with their flocks when he was born so... yeah, it wasn't likely anywhere near Dec 25 by a large margin.

I dunno, the interwebs tells me that weather in Bethlehem in December averages around 59 degrees Fahrenheit, with record temperatures of up to 83 degrees -- so it doesn't sound crazy. You live the shepherd life back then, you're probably sleeping outdoors a lot.

Comment Re:Do you mean a method of transmitting dollars? (Score 1) 264

Someone wants a car and has firewood.
They look at Craigslist and find the kind of car they want sells for 2 BTC.
Actually 1.8BTC now.
No, wait, 2.2 BTC.
They make arrangements to sell 2.2BTC worth of firewood.
After the people pick up the firewood and the payments clear, they contact Craigslist sellers, who now want 3BTC for a car.

Isn't what's happening the opposite, though? As the value of 1 BTC goes up, the sticker price of the car goes down.

Comment Stupid idea (Score 1) 114

Anybody who remembers "Segway will transform entire cities" (followed by ban) should have seen this coming.

Delivery robots are an idiotic idea anyway. Imagine I'm a disaffected teenager and I see a delivery robot coming down the sidewalk. List my options.

Comment Re:Quality Beats Diversity (Score 1, Insightful) 336

Stop pretending that the United States of America is the most racist nation in the world, when in actually it is probably the least racist country.

Stop with this bullshit binary thinking. No, just because the U.S. might not be the most racist nation in the world does not make it the least racist nation.

Comment Re:It tells Mac fanboys right (Score 2) 192

To exploit on a default system you need to have local access to an unprivileged user account, and from there you can get root.

It's not like that's a minor issue, though. People always go, "Well if you have physical access to the machine, anything goes..." But imagine this scenario: You hate somebody at work and they walk away from their Mac without putting it to sleep. You walk over, gain root access, AND set a password for the root account. So now, even if the machine is put to sleep or switched off, you still have access to it.

Comment Re:Totally different model of behavior (Score 1) 215

In Italy, the trains are on time most of the time. That 15:13 train might be 15:14 or so.

Or they might just totally screw up, change the wrong sign on the platform, and a dozen people find themselves on an express train traveling the opposite direction from where they need to go. It happened to me, so you have a lot more faith in Italian trains than I do.

Comment Re:The why of immigrants and visa applicants (Score 1) 160

So a person wants to enter the USA? Why?
For an education? To stay for some time for some reason? To emigrate? As a refugee? To find work? Got a special talent?
All that can be considered if the person is from a normal nation with a working government, passports, educational system and police records.

Right. So why the security theater? Because "AI sells"?

Did they try to change their own government for "freedom" and "democracy" and fail? Now they demand the USA has support them?

What you call "demanding," I call "asking." And God forbid they agitated in their home country for things like human rights, justice, the rule of law ... all things we should stop dead at the U.S. border.

Do they demand to bring in a vast numbers of other people once they get into the USA?

How on Earth would they do that?

How much will every extra person that one person got in cost the USA to look after over the decades?
Is the person going to cost the USA a lot to support? Has health issues that will cost the US tax payer?

You mean like the elderly? Fuck 'em, am I right?

Do their infectious diseases need the US tax payer to cover the full costs of expensive medication for decades?

Does the U.S. tax payer pay a single penny to cover your medical expenses? I think you must be fantasizing you live in a country with a proper national health care system. On the other hand, maybe these plague-ridden zombies you describe want to enter the U.S. so they can pay for health care that they could not receive at home?

The problem is a lot of nations just have a lot of random, average "people". No working government, no police, no engineers, no passports, few doctors.
No skills, long term health issues. A way of life that demands changes to every aspect of the USA once the person gets to stay in the USA.

I know, but I can't see how AI can solve West Virginia and Kentucky. I honestly can't.

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