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Comment BT Openzone (Score 1) 474

Is the same in the UK, you do get access to their higher powered public wi-fi as well but due to the fact that their supplied routers barely extend around the house they are intended to feed let alone become some kind of public hot-spot doesnt work very well from the few I have tried to access. I believe the traffic on your own SSID is prioritised too (confirmation needed though). Nothing to stop you using a laptop connected to the public SSID for your illegal downloading though I suppose. Damn those wardriving freeloaders.

Comment Think harder Rick (Score 5, Insightful) 398

'"It is hard to imagine any more heinous way of earning money than by benefiting from racism," ... Well, lets think, you could run a child prostitution ring, child slavery, people trafficking, run a pharmacutical firm/country that denies poorer people medicine or be a banker. Not hard to imagine at all. (not sure what the rest of the summary was about as I did not read it.

Comment Patents stunting innovation again? (Score 1) 45

OR IP is more than likely being stripped apart by patent lawyers to ensure that none of the other up and coming VR competitors make it off of the starting block, Its a damn shame but that sort of thing could ultimately be the end of VR or at least set it back by years (we have already waited far too long). I really hope Facebook don't get in the way of what could be a long sought after technology in favour of a fast lame advertising return on a half baked product but I wont hold my breath.

Comment Free stuff sucks (Score 1) 221

Lets be honest, if copyright did not exist and people were all expected to give everything away for free and starve then 1) Quality would plummet 2) The excitement that pirates get when they have had one over on "The Man" when stealing a film/game/tune would vanish. 3) These fun debates would also dry up. I do wonder if Sweden is actually one big US black site though as they always seem to want their biggest criminals shipped off there prior to anything else :P

Comment Please remind the defenders (Score 1) 93

That we will no longer be using MacOS 7 to defeat them, it will be Mavericks on a macbook air and that whoever is sent to defend please make sure you "allow applications from anywhere" prior to taking off else you will be sat at the upload port for ages trying to figure out why the defence program won't run. (its in the security section of the system prefs Will)

Comment Autonomous Trains (Score 1) 437

I am sure there were some reservations about using the Docklands Light Railway,London in 1987 as it operates as a driverless, computerised system instead of the normal London Underground driver based system. Nowadays up to 500k people per day (at the height of the 2012 Olympics) treat it as perfectly normal. All over the world systems are running in the same manner. It's only a matter of time before we percieve cars, buses and Johnnycabs in the same way. Eventually of course we will lose the ability or desire to take manual control and a driving licence will become a thing of the past in first world countrys, only required if you want to keep antique vehicles. Travelling to less developed countrys will then be even more of an exciting rollercoaster ride as people still control the roads in absolute meyhem.

Comment Re:BC is a black hole (Score 1) 143

How much "insert your own currency here" and its electronic backing would also not be wiped out by said EMP? You think all of your savings are neatly stacked in a vault somewhere to be withdrawn when the electricity goes off and spent as and when you wanted? If the electricity failed I guess your currency would also become pretty worthless. Give me a truckfull of food, water and seeds over a lump of inedible gold or pile of paper and ink any day, diamonds just get stuck in your teeth and are a tad uncomfortable when passing them out anway I should imagine. but they are nice and shiny.

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