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Comment Re:It's not a bug, it's a design decision (Score 1) 375

It's clear that this flaw is much worse than you understand. So much so that the patches that Linux, Microsoft, and Apple are essentially redesigning their kernels. No small undertaking, and done in a rush.

The fact that JavaScript can access protected kernel memory is particularly disturbing.

Comment Re:Communications? (Score 1) 143

OP, you're original post is still right with optical communication as well. Part of the problem lies within the fact that we don't know how much unseen light blocking dust is between here and there or other unfortunate large planet size non-radiating objects that we can't see. Something that lower frequency radio waves would not succumb to so easily.

My off the cuff guess is that you'd need to build a massive spaceship the size of an aircraft carrier if not more to generate the required power to transmit with the accompanying dish and electronics required. Try to get that into orbit affordably.

Comment Actually thats a drug induced haze, not a PR stunt (Score 1) 143

The communications technology to reach across 4.3 light years doesn't exist yet either. Look at the great lengths that we need to stay in touch with the Voyager aircraft just barely out of our solar system - launched 40 years ago.

And don't expect humans to survive all the hard radiation that's out there either. So it'd have to be a robot mission.

Comment Re:Slow news day? (Score 5, Insightful) 183

No. What you have now are left leaning "social justice warriors" calling *all* conservatives and anybody who has voted Republican "alt-right". Not just the Nazi's and the KKK racists.

Thus, they truly believe that any conservative talk is therefore "hate speech" and needs to be censored if at all possible. Many believe that violence is justified in order to silence the so called hate speech, and why antifa has in the past on both youtube and Patreon websites.

Youtube has evolved itself into a socialist/feminist monoculture internally which will demonetize or put in limited state anything that it disagrees with politically. It's what resulted in James Damore's firing.

I find it interesting that when Youtube started the "limited state" censorship, they censored a Nazi video, then they censored political videos from youtube user Black Pidgeon Speaks that was critical of Islam before they censored a bunch more Nazi videos. Do your research.

Submission + - Shaw Joins Bell in Calls to Censor the Internet In Canada (freezenet.ca)

Dangerous_Minds writes: Freezenet is reporting that Shaw, one of Canada's three largest ISPs, is joining calls to censor the Internet in the name of combating copyright infringement. The move comes just days after Bell was caught drafting a similar call. The call was made public in a submission to Canada's telecommunications regulator, the CRTC. Michael Geist notes that there is already growing political backlash to these suggestions, though the government is re-iterating comments that they support network neutrality.

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