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Submission + - Google Wave officially canned, goes offline April (

BogenDorpher writes: Over a year ago, Google decided to pull the plug on Google Wave, a chat/email hybrid service that was supposed to change the way we communicated online, but it never caught on. Google has finally revealed details on what it plans on doing to the service.

Submission + - Mozilla Firefox 9.0 Beta 3 released (

BogenDorpher writes: Firefox 9 is slated to implement a new technology called "type inference" which allows the browser's JavaScript engine to process JavaScript code much faster than before, which ultimately leads to performance improvements when loading pages or JavaScript apps.

Submission + - Mozilla Firefox 10 to have silent update mechanism ( 2

BogenDorpher writes: Mozilla announced recently that the company was working hard on implimenting a silent update mechanism for its popular Firefox browser. Currently planned for Firefox 10, this new silent update mechanism would minimize the amount of time it takes Firefox to launch after downloading an update.

Submission + - Counter Strike G.O. Beta starts Nov 30th (

BogenDorpher writes: Valve, who announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for PC, Mac, and consoles, recently delayed the release of the highly anticipated beta. Based on feedback from early access previews, the developers wanted to improve the feel of the game and are now planning a closed beta for November 30th.

Submission + - Android sees exponential growth in malware (

BogenDorpher writes: According to research conducted by Juniper Networks, Google's Android mobile operating system exploded in malware in just the past few months. In fact, Android saw an increase by 472% in malware since July of 2011. And it seems that Google is doing nothing about it, yet.

Submission + - Microsoft Security Essentials v3 Beta signup opens (

BogenDorpher writes: Earlier today a leaked email revealed that Microsoft was gearing up for a beta program for its popular Security Essentials security software. Today, Microsoft announced the ability to register for the upcoming beta program for the next version of Security Essentials.

Submission + - Buy a Windows Phone, get $25 app card (

BogenDorpher writes: Microsoft is enticing smartphone users to jump ship and purchase a new Windows Phone with a $25 prepaid app card. The offer is only available in the United States, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Submission + - Facebook reveals how it tracks its users (

BogenDorpher writes: According to Facebook's engineering director Arturo Bejar, Facebook uses tracking cookie technology to compile a log of web pages a user has visited for 90 days, all in an attempt to "improve security."

Submission + - Skype 5.7 Beta adds new Facebook features, better (

BogenDorpher writes: Skype has announced that they have added a Facebook to Facebook video call support to their popular software, which now allows users of the popular social network to initiate calls with their webcams to their Facebook friends.

Submission + - Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface now available (

BogenDorpher writes: For those eagerly waiting to purchase a new Microsoft Surface, your wait in nearly over. Microsoft and Samsung are now announcing that the new Samsung SUR40 is now available for pre-orders through Samsung resellers in 23 different countries.
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Submission + - Nokia reveals all-round touch screen concept (

BogenDorpher writes: The 25th anniversary of Nokia's Research Center just recently passed, and have revealed a new concept where the body of the phone is touch screen, which could open up a world of new possibilities for app developers.

Submission + - Microsoft tired of sending cakes to Mozilla (

BogenDorpher writes: Microsoft has broken it's long lasting tradition in sending Mozilla a cupcake with every major Firefox release. Mozilla's latest release is Firefox 8, which was released just a few days ago. Microsoft have said that sending a cake every six weeks is overkill. So guess what? No cake for Mozilla this time.

Submission + - Microsoft working on $250 PC for low-income famili (

BogenDorpher writes: As part of a new program run by the Federal Communications Commission to expand the number of Americans with broadband internet access, Microsoft and its hardware partners will team up in 2012 to deliver new $250 computers to low-income families.

Submission + - Mozilla releases Firefox 8, adds new security feat ( 1

BogenDorpher writes: Mozilla has just released Firefox 8, which now offers several new security features to the popular web browser. Firefox 8 users will have better add-on management, faster browser loading, new history window, and several other cool new features.

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