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Comment Re:Troll?! (Score 1) 795

The housing market collapsed because people lost faith in the loans. China and Japan might decide one day that US debt is worthless, and in doing so would wreck not just our economy, but theirs, and probably the world economy as a whole. So it is a dangerous game, and at some point we do have to pay it down, but comparing it to the housing market is like comparing the US to a nation like Ecuador, or some other nation that needs debt relief. Also, as a percentage of GDP, we are only now approaching WW2 levels. The debt decreased as a proportion of GDP during every presidency until Reagen, and has been rising ever since. The original 'Keynesians' did pay it down after it got us out of the great depression, all the way down to 30%. Take that for what you will.

Comment Re:Their science is junk (Score 1) 795

Let me guess: you spend all day sitting in front of Matlab trying to make sense of the data only to be confounded by the obvious deficiencies in your grossly inadequate model. Don't get me wrong, we've all been there, but don't be jealous of the guys w/ exciting experiments (some of which do work).

What if they'd tried this? There's a good chance it would have gone differently

I bet they would be pleased with this comment.

Comment Re:Depends what you want... (Score 1) 445

Yes, the effect of one person on the global economy is very small. However, buying something and selling it at a higher price increases costs for someone, that's for sure. Whatever hand-waving you want to perform (no one else would have bought it, there's a bigger market online, etc.)...that's up to you.

Comment Re:I have an idea to stop the need for anti-biotic (Score 1) 551

The thing about evolution and genetics is that there are tradeoffs. For instance, we're probably breeding cows to maximize meat production (size and muscle mass genes). This isn't free - more mass means sacrifices are made in other areas, perhaps the immune system is one area which loses effectiveness because of genetic factors related to breeding larger cows.

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