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Comment Re:You're going to have your Windows RT and LIKE I (Score 1) 125

Google will never port their own apps. A smartphone without Gmail, Chrome, Chromecasting, and most importantly Youtube... DOA just like Amazon.

Do you have a source for that? They sure did everything in their power to get their apps on Apple devices, it would be insane for them not to write apps for the Microsoft store if it begins to gain steam.

Comment Re:Why do companies keep thinking people *want* th (Score 1) 125

You don't need to avoid cloud storage for instant access to files, you just need to use one of the many dropbox apps. It's fast enough unless your constantly switching between devices every minute or so.

Plus, if it's all unified, that opens the door for possible network based copying for faster sync.

Comment Re:If Boeing believed in software QA.... (Score 1) 250

I think your reading too far into that requirement. Every single developer job posting that I've read since college has included that line. We have to be able to test and verify our own code before we pass it up to QA for further verification. On top of that, Boeing might likely take a very heavy testing approach such as TDD for some of their software applications, in which knowing how to write automated tests is critical.

Comment Re:Dealerships HAVE become more cost competitive (Score 1) 649

Walmart's non-synthetic basic oil / filter change is cheaper than what I can buy the oil / filter for individually unless I turn to the internet. They make like $2 profit off each job, so it was really worth it before I switched to synthetic.

A few of my local dealerships are pretty competitive on prices, though one in particular happens to be great; selling parts for my cars cheaper than the local auto parts stores and most of the internet after shipping. The repairs are almost always quoted cheaper than other dealerships and are higher quality, but they have a huge repair shop to make up the profit via volume repair.

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