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Comment Re:He used company funds for his fling (Score 1) 233

But he should have paid for the whole fling out of his own pocket; too many CEOs treat the company treasury as their piggy bank.

True, but if you use company funds for your peccadilloes it's a lot harder for your wife to find out.

It would seem that wives are more effective financial auditors than corporate accountants.

Somewhere in that lies a business model for a successful accounting firm; a marketing pitch at the very least.

Comment Re:I see this hitting the brick wall of regulation (Score 1) 88

A window of opportunity doesn't guarantee infection. Leaving your door unlocked doesn't mean you'll get robbed; it just elevates the risk. So the question is, what is the baseline risk? At what frequency do our cells normally become become malignant growths, and what percentage of these are prevented by these genes? I don't think we're in a position to know the latter as yet, as the idea of disabling them seems relatively new. Are those genes stopping 10 tumors a week, or less than one a year? If you gave it a week to reattach a finger, what is the actual chance that, in that timeframe, a dangerous tumor would take hold that these genes could have stopped? If that risk is 10 to 1, that's a hell of a risk. If it's .01%, I say go for it. If it gets a tumor, cut it off and try again, the odds are sharply against it happening the second time.

I won't call this a terrible idea until we know the risks. Right now it's just a new idea that some people are concerned about.

Comment Re:We're men....we're men in tights (Score 1) 88

The dangers of leaving your anti-cancer genes in the "off" state for a decade aside; I'm trying to imagine how that would even work. You couldn't obstruct the stump or you would hinder growth. Instead of a rod, the limb would have to be some kind of open cage/exo-skeleton that left plenty of room for the real limb to grow and breathe inside it; or you would have to be constantly having it resized and adjusted.

I am visualizing something cool and cyborgy; the science fiction effect is enhanced if you picture the easily visible mutant nub growing inside it.

Comment Re:I see this hitting the brick wall of regulation (Score 1) 88

Almost by definition, anything regenerated using this technology would have a higher incidence of cancer.

Not at all, by my reading. The tumor suppressors are only turned off to allow the tissue to regenerate, when the drug dissipates, they are turned back on. Anything still acting like a target for the anti-cancer genes would be destroyed like normal.

Comment Re:We're men....we're men in tights (Score 1) 88

Not to mention that if prosthetics are knocked out, we may miss out on things like fully-controllable mechanical limbs, which could change the direction the human race goes (do we continue to utilize technology, or do we become technology?)

I've actually done extensive research on this subject, and I'll be siding with the Krogoths. Arm doesn't have shit on them.

I hope I don't have to explain that reference.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight... (Score 1) 485

It doesn't. If you restore the words that they glossed over with ellipses, you will find that this is a law against making fraudulent government credentials.

or in any other manner makes or executes any engraving, photograph, print, or impression in the likeness of any such badge, identification card, or other insignia, or any colorable imitation thereof, except as authorized under regulations made pursuant to law, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Comment Re:Ummm what? (Score 1) 485

"Whoever possesses any insignia... or any colorable imitation thereof... shall be fined... or imprisoned... or both"

Okay so I had to go and look this one up. Because there are so many ...'s that pretty much all of the information is missing.

And they apparently missed a few ellipses. I guess they thought:

"Whoever ... possesses any ... insignia ... or any colorable imitation thereof ... shall be fined ... or imprisoned ... or both"

Looked too amateur.

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