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Comment Re:Data will still be copied. (Score 1) 35

The first cost is in paying a guy who knows how to set up and maintain a secure database that holds the information.
That is not Sci-Fi...

The government would come into play in case of a breach. So far, companies seem to face no consequences for squandering their customers data in countless breaches, other than bad publicity. If this changes, companies actually have to pay up for the damage they cause, then cost of handling such data rises.

Comment Re:Data will still be copied. (Score 4, Interesting) 35

But that is exactly the point the article makes:
Holding (sensible) data also comes with a cost. Securing the data has a cost and a risk attached to it.

If the cost of 'pinging' is lower than that, then the idea may hold true.


And this of would require standards so that these data accesses can smoothly run in the background between all parties.

Comment Re:These people (Score 2) 760

I'd expect there to be significantly more outliers in the low region, as it is easy to permanentely lower a humans IQ: by accident, medical issue, drug use and so on.
The opposite is not true however.

To still aquire 98 points on average as a country under these conditions, the amount of people with 100+ IQ should be more than 50% of the population.

Comment Re:BLANK noun. (Score 1) 508

Yes, but this trope is modelling the outside view, where earth is just one of many origins.
Of course there are a million flavors of ale/coffee on earth, but ask a random alien on the other side of the galaxy, they only know the one kind that earth is famous for (because of best marketing?).

It's a trope based on real life. Just replace earth with *exotic country*.

Comment Re:It's not entirely a lie (Score 0) 397

Still the whole 'the majority of those who are successful programmers are mostly self taught'-idea is an artifact from when there was no formal programming education and all the programmers were electrical engineers.

Weeding out is done in any technical subject at the university level as far as I can tell.
Still that never kept schools from teaching everyone the basics of maths, physics, chemistry and so on. And if you are on a good school and a certain subject is to your liking, you can delve deeper into it.
I do not see why this subject needs to be treated differently.

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