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Comment Already fitness aware (Score 1) 156

These are users who are already using and wearing Microsoft Band before they started playing Pokemon Go, so they were already worried about their fitness, and already had a device to monitor this

So playing Pokemon Go encourages people to walk more than a fitness monitoring band... and so these are useless ...?

Comment Benign dictatorship (Score 4, Insightful) 205

The best form of leadership is a Benign/Benovolent dictatorship, this means they are reasonably popular but can get things done and can make the unpopular decisions when needed

The reasons this works for a company, are the same ones that work for a country... ... but if a company stops being profitable they go bust and disappear, whereas when a country does the equivilent you just get a classical dictator

Democracy is a terrible system of government, but it is the least bad system in the long term ....

Comment Re:What it will really mean (Score 2) 394

They can fit a slightly bigger battery in the phone, so it will last slightly longer - But the DAC and extra circutry will make this die faster
the Phone can be thinner - so it can more easily bend, and have a slimmer battery so it will die quicker
Headphone port will still break if you yank the cord sideways. It will still get plugged up with pocket lint. - and will cost more to replace
Your headphoens will now drain your battery faster ...
You can't charge and listen

So less convenient, for no gain except for a phone that is even thinner! (Because thinner is better ....?)

Comment Re:Thought Ownership (Score 1) 204

Patents were introduced so that people would publish the idea rather then keep it secret for ever - It does not do this

Copyright was introduced so that people could make money out of an idea they had to reveal in order to use - It does not do this in most cases

Trademarks were to stop people passing off an inferior copy and damaging an established brand - It still does this but not when it is not established or a known brand

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