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Journal SPAM: Deformity

10 billion dollars is going to be reduced soon in corporatin tax. Instead same dollars will be increased in income tax paid by salaried workers in a form of the abolition of fixed rate reduced tax. One figure minus one plus one is equal to the same figure, but this figure looks deformed.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Podcasting with images and sound surprises Adobe

Agent bleu writes: "A new site Filmator.net suprises Adobe Flash as it threatens to swipe a large portion of their market. Creators who want to animate content and publish online have until now been forced to invest heavily in advance. One agency MagnumPhotos who has used Flash to create their In Motion series, contracted the prestigious Flash design studio group94 to devolop a stand alone 'essay player' to achive this effect. This device cost MagnumPhotos (one of the most prestigious photo agencies in the world) a fortune in development as it was created from the ground up. Though investments like this do not phase a large agency as this, but smaller designers and companies trying to compile content using Flash in the same manor are slightly more intimidated when faced with shelling out 50K in design costs before they get their hands anywhere near the content. What has now changed is that by using the Filmator.net site, creators can upload their photos, audio and even videos, then compile them using the inbuilt patented content compiler and then publish the Filmations (as these are called) on the site or by embedding them on their own sites, and all of this is free. Adobe refused to make a comment but MagnumPhotos has said they are interested to see such a development and would consider using this software but have issues with publishing content on an 'open platform'. It will be interesting is to see how designers who have wanted to compile content using Flash in a documentary style — using pictures and sound, but who did not have 50K spare will gravitate towards this open platform and embrace the Filmation concept. Brian Jones (media consultant for PCI Ventures)"

Submission + - Novell Keeping Students from Restricted Websites

magickmaster writes: "In an educational environment we are constantly having to deal with students going to sites they are not supposed to go to. We have a content filter but students seem to get the password within a week after it has been changed. We were looking for a solution that the students would not be able to bypass by either finding out a password or loading another browser; ie: Mozilla Full story at http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tip/18266.html "

Google Patents the Design of Search Results Page 114

prostoalex writes "ZDNet is reporting that USPTO issued a patent to Google, Inc. for 'ornamental design for a graphical user interface'. This is not, as ZDNet points out, a software patent (which is usually issued as a utility patent), but a design patent, which governs the look and feel of the product and prevents others from directly copying it." Ironic, given Google's recent slip-up of copying a Yahoo page. In news on the flipside, Google has launched a patent search service (in beta).

Submission + - Gmail down

An anonymous reader writes: A lot of people have been complaining about not being able to access Gmail since yesterday (i.e., they still can't access their Gmail accounts). Is Gmail down globally? Anyone heard anything from Google about this?
Portables (Games)

Submission + - Sony Caught In the Act

JamieSI writes: "There was a PSP fan blog on the internet which many people suspected was done by Sony, people started digging and doing some research to try and find out if the site was just a marketing campaign or an actual real website done by two fans. Sony has now made a statement which admits they are behind the site.

""Busted. Nailed. Snagged. As many of you have figured out (maybe our speech was a little too funky fresh???), Peter isn't a real hip-hop maven and this site was actually developed by Sony. Guess we were trying to be just a little too clever. From this point forward, we will just stick to making cool products, and use this site to give you nothing but the facts on the PSP" More details here."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Surch.com The Victim Of A Family Feud

Dr phil writes: "Over the last couple of days the popular search engine surch.com has been parked at GoDaddy.

So what is the cause of this DNS catastrophe? Did surch.com not pay the bills? Are they moving server? Is this done while they make updates to the site? It's actually none of these reasons. The reason is more like something out of jerry Springer.

It turns out John, the owner of surch, Fell out with his father, Who owns the domain surch.com and funded surch.com's creation, over competing business plans when both men decided to start up a restaurant search engine. When Johns father found out he pulled the plug on surch.com"

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