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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 201

I think that you assume that all kids put up for adoption are from the US, which is not true. On top of this, you assume that the chance of parents putting their kids up for adoption is independent of their economic situation. I'm not sure that this is true either I have no evidence to back this claim up, but it is true that your economic situation has a major impact on your chances of getting to adopt a child. Given that black Americans are economically worse of than white Americans, one would expect relatively more black kids available for adoption.

Comment Re:I'm no lawyer but.. (Score 1) 234

IANAL but I have been a cop (previously full time, now just PT to keep my standards). That *should* have been covered under the initial warrant - as the cops were looking for the items in question in a reasonable place. If I am looking for diamonds, putting them in a closet seems reasonable. If I am looking for a 46" TV, looking in the kitchen drawers (and finding contraband or an illegal substance) won't fly. Its not reasonable.

That the evidence got thrown out is likely the result of some other issue. I can't speak for a specific case, because I wasn't there, but there is something you were not being told.

Just my 2

Comment Re:Won't someone please think of the children (Score 2, Insightful) 256

How is it MS or Logitech's fault your 15 year old daughter popped her titty out to her BF using a webcam? I don't mean to be crass but MS doesn't create CP, bad people and stupid people do.

You're right on with the "Mom and Dad, watch your kids!" The responsibility lands with the parents, first and foremost.

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Comment Re:Telemarketer solution (Score 1) 454

I had a 3 series BMW with an aftermarket starter / door locks. It was a 5 speed stick. They disabled (prior to my purchase) the clutch safety so I just had to make sure to never leave it in gear. A simple pull of the e-brake and neutral did the trick.

That think worked from like a quarter mile away too, it was great!

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 272

I can't speak for your specific situation but I do know I had to run the screen calibrate when I got my HTC Hero. I kept hitting the key to the right of where I thought I was. Running the screen calibrate brought what my idea of where a key or button was and where the Hero thought it was to the same point on the screen.

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