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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 421

I know exactly what you mean, metlin. I've been doing business case analysis for a startup I'm developing which will produce a tangible product with a high profit margin. A single machine in the production process has 6 zeroes in the price tag and the amount of money needed by the company over 5 years has seven zeroes. While I was able to fund the basic research with my own checkbook, scaling it into a profitable product with that funding source is impossible.

Comment Re:Some Quick Facts (Score 1) 192

The XFS guys are right. I've lost data multiple times on XFS due to their disk caches being enabled in Suse 11.4. My disks are ST9750420AS using bios raid. I finally had to disable disk write caches on bootup. These losses were not even due to power failure: these losses were incurred during graceful system shutdown.

Comment Re:Field dependent requirement (Score 2) 1086

I do chemical engineering research in my spare time. I actually had to use calculus a few weeks ago to derive an equation for making a mixture of 2 solvents as similar as possible to the properties of a third solvent. For two solvents, the answer was a calculus gimme.

For three solvents, I had to break out multivariable calculus and Lagrange multipliers which didn't generate a solution but instead reduced the problem to a 4x4 matrix inversion. The inversion would have been most easily solved by feeding the matrix into the LAPACK library but a pedant could have solved it in his own code using Cramer's rule.

In my case, calculus wasn't enough, it only reduced the problem to linear algebra. Basically, you have to have taken enough math to recognize when you have transformed a problem form an intractable form to a tractable form.

Comment Take a look at Brickwall surge protectors (Score 1) 341

I'm blowing a couple Mod points but. . . Take a look at for surge suppressors. These are not whole house units but they are not damaged by 1000 consecutive surges at the maximum energy at which IEEE tests. They also have panel mounted ones that can be used to protect a whole circuit. They are basically an analog lowpass filter on steroids and as a result suffer no damage from surges that would completely destroy a MOV based surge protector. I've got one on my stereo. I've never looked at the results with an o-scope or anything but the engineering principle on which they are based is sound.

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