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Submission + - New "chemical internet" is able to compute chemical reactions

daftna writes: Living on Earth has a story about a chemist who has made software to map the almost infinite number of possible chemical reactions: "Imagine a huge network, but instead of computers connected by nodes, we have molecules connected by reactions. And this information has been created not by me ... but by every chemist that ever lived." The network is a sort of a chemical search engine that has a new way of analyzing chemistry and finding optimal synthetic pathways out of the trillions of possibilities one would normally have to find by trial and error. Instead, "What we can do, having all the collective knowledge ever created in chemistry [is] train the computer to extract certain patterns automatically and these patterns are then based not on our individual experience but on the experiences of everything that was used to train the computer — meaning every single reaction ever performed." He calls it "Chematica" and details of the system are published in the journal Angewandte Chemie

Comment More interesting question: how to name/organize (Score 1) 311

Once you got PDFs or JPGs you need to somehow organize them in a meaningful way: - by document date (a lot of extra work to add that)? - by type (could be done while scanning)? - by expiry date? - by sender/recipient ? OCR the content and make it conveniently available What system would do that?

Comment If there is another Give-one-get-one program (Score 1) 119

I'll buy again. Heck I even would buy a give-two-get-one. The original machine had huge gaps between promise and delivery, but worked nicely reading blogs in bright sunlight. What I would wish for howerver is some documentation which batch my donated machine(s) would go to. I actually would be ready to chat with the receiver from time to time. Sutra Mitra had identified this as a booster for learning. And IMHO learning is key to anybody's future.

Comment First decide on your screen size (Score 1) 356

I used a number of devices with different sizes. The 2.3" mini Android phone up to a 10.1" tablet. My current favorite form factor is 7". It fits into a cargo pocket or a (inner) pocket of a jacket (even a suit, but I guess that's not your concern). I currently use a Huawei MediaPad. Solid unibody, great screen resolution. Runs Android 3.2 (unfortunately they haven't announced when they will upgrade to 4.0). Huawei leaves the UI in its original state, so you get pure Android bliss. Biggest let-down: you have a separate charger, it won't charge through USB, so you need to carry an adapter. It is slimmer than the Samsung 7"

Comment Get a Blackberry (Score 1) 149

Get yourself a Blackberry and an unlimited international data plan. When I travel there the BB (albeit connected to a BES) can access any website, Facebook works, Twitter works since all traffic is routed through the BES. You need to check with your phone provider if that is true for BIS too. Beats fiddling with VPN and stuff by length. If access to all this doesn't matter: a cheap China Mobile prepaid SIM and a Xiaomi Android --- or a Huawei Ideos (a bit slow, so that's if calls is your main app).
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Submission + - Affordable Mind-Controlled Robotic Telepresence (

__aajbyc7391 writes: Software developer Robert Oschler has launched a Kickstarter project aimed at creating a low-cost, mind-controlled, robotic telepresence system, based on integrating support for WowWee's Rovio robot, Emotiv's EPOC neuroheadset, and Skype communications into a new version of Oschler's Robodance software. The headset's ability to detect head movement and facial gestures will enable those with limited mobility to explore their home or any place else in the world where there's a Rovio they can connect to, at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives, says Oschler. As a reward for supporting the Kickstarter project, contributors at certain levels will have the opportunity to experience 10- or 20-minute 'telepresence tours' if the project achieves its funding goal.

Comment Wipe out XP first (Score 1) 742

use a Netbook Linux version. There's plenty in e.g. Edubuntu and the Game repository that points towards early math and early reading. Sugar as UI might be worth a try. And yes - be certain on the websites you allow. Less so about seeing people like god made them, but more about things people do to each other not covered by the 10 commandments (there's nothing in there prohibiting looking at a paradise suit, but a lot against violence).

Submission + - FOSS introduction for a primary school audience? 1

NotesSensei writes: "I had a chat with the IT teacher of my kids primary school and he was open to the idea to introduce FOSS and GNU/Linux to his students. The first start would be a 4h parent/student event (there is a regular program for such events for all sorts of topics) on a Saturday. Now I'm tasked to propose an agenda/set of activities to market the event and conduct it successfully. I'm planning to find a sponsor (most likely my current employer) to give away memory sticks (or if short of funding: DVDs) with a bootable Linux version (Edubuntu being the most likely choice) as door gift. In the beginning of the session I probably would give a short introduction what FOSS is about including the introduction of Stallmann's fredoms 0-3 as well as "what can a school kid do with FOSS". I can have access to school computers, so some hands-on activities for participants would be nice. This is where I need ideas from the /. readers. What would you do? Besides creating a general interest in FOSS an ideal outcome would be students and parents asking for more... as in a co-curriculum course.

Ideas ladies and gentlemen?"

Submission + - Get rid of all that paper - good scan archive?

NotesSensei writes: "Over the years I've collected tons of materials from seminar hand-outs to invoices or warranty cards. I want to get rid of the paper and keep the stuff in scanned format. I got a feed scanner and have settled on PDF-A as open standard format. Now I'm looking for a good way to be able to add meta data (preferable addable from OCR) and search. What system would one use if it needs to be accessible from Mac and Linux or Windows"
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Submission + - Scientist Fears Fiber Optic Cable Capacity Limits (

An anonymous reader writes: Not long ago many people probably thought that the idea of sending light signals down a piece of cable (fiber optic) would be future proof, only limited by the technology used to prepare the signal itself. However David J. Richardson, a scientist working at the UK based University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), has warned that current fiber optic cable technology is fast approaching its ultimate capacity limits. Richardson claims that solving the problem will require a radical innovation in the physical network infrastructure, such as in the properties of transmission fibers and the optical amplifiers. Failing to do this could result in a "capacity crunch", or world governments being forced to actually spend money on new infrastructure. Perish the thought.

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