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Comment Re:Learn to read your own Bills (Score 1) 242

Streaming isn't transmitted to the general public whether the material is received or not. Each viewer has to connect to the streaming host and ask for the data. If somebody were broadcasting to to every Irish host on the Internet, then the legislation would start to apply.

Comment Re:Learn to read your own Bills (Score 1) 242

Or more relevance:

transmitted, relayed or distributed ... for simultaneous ... reception by the general public, whether that material is actually received or not, and where the programmes are provided in a pre-scheduled and linear order.

This is about passive viewing, i.e. viewing what's listed in the TV guide and pumped out by the broadcaster. On-demand viewing is not covered. So unless you have a TV card, the article is bull.

Of course, if digital television evolved to being an unscheduled and wholly on-demand system, then perhaps this legislation would need a revisit.


Submission + - Move to End Preinstalled Windows in France

xarak writes: French media are reporting that the main consumer protection agency, "UFC Que Choisir" are attacking PC vendors in an effort to force them to provide bare or alternative OS's for their hardware. They are taking HP and two shops to court. Article in French.

Submission + - Nintendo recalls three million Wii straps

MartinJW writes: After an increasing number of reports of the Wii projectile effect Nintendo appear to have bowed to pressure and are now recalling 3.2 Million straps. The strap is supposedly designed to prevent the innovative wireless controller from leaving the hand during vigorous bouts of gaming, but despite numerous warnings in games telling you to use it at all times it would appear that even the most safety conscious are wrecking Mom and Dads expensive LCD television when the strap snaps and the device hurtles across the room to embed itself in the television screen.

The recall affects all Wiis sold worldwide and almost all units currently on shelves in shops, but it is not yet clear how customers can return their straps and get replacements.

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