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Comment Re: And yet people continue the Warming Alsrmism (Score 1) 375

And you of course have evidence of massive sequestration going on right now due to 'increased' greenery right? because without that you aren't getting any coal...which also requires a swamp environment. Something missing from the majority of the areas where 'increased greenery' is occurring.

Comment Re: LOL (Score 1) 375

Solar and wind have very localized fluctuations...across areas though it starts to be quite stable. The wind is always blowing somewhere, etc. Storage tech is growing by huge margins. linky. We need more work to get to grid scale but fortunately we're starting now and not waiting for it like you suggest.

Comment Re: But it's more like a slow leak, tapering off (Score 1) 375

That's what Mr Watts is best at and he Hoodwinked you. I will fully accept that temperature will do what he claims to ocean pH. That's not the factor involved here or at least it's a minor one wildly overwhelmed by the major one. Osmosis. When the atmosphere increases it CO2 content, that will start moving to the oceans. While the ocean temp might want to move pH towards base the massive increase in co2 concentrations will push it far faster to acid. And that's what's actually happening.

Comment Re: And yet people continue the Warming Alsrmism (Score 1) 375

There isn't enough viable space to plant that many trees...every single year. And in 80 years, then what when all that CO2 goes right back into the environment...every single year.

Wood isn't nearly as energy dense as coal or oil. And we need to pull out the CO2 that came from coal and oil, so would need multiple times as many trees...every single year.

Simply not viable. Every little bit helps, but this won't be more than a few percent.

Comment Re:No need to do anything, that is the point (Score 1) 375

Even a really good water pump is overcome by a tsunami. And that's what's happening CO2 wise and the wave is already moving inland, stopping the rise of the water doesn't change the fact that you're 30 feet under.

Where the CO2 is going now is into the oceans. In probably 20 years there won't be ocean seafood for the most part. The oceans are already acidic enough that the base of the food chains are having trouble growing. Won't take long for that to kill off vast numbers of ocean species.

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