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Comment Re:2018 making up for it (Score 1) 172

Besides, who are the first to die? People in costal regions and in extreme hot weather locations.

The Middle East, Africa, India and Pakistan, China, etc. South America and Central America.

You know, SHITHOLES.

You left the US off your list, I'm sure that was just an oversight. Where is the majority of our population? Yeah, the coasts. How many climate zones are there in the US? 26, including "extreme hot weather locations" like Nevada, California, Arizona, etc. The record high temps in the US for each month between and including May and September are between 124 and 134F.

Comment Re:Realistic Climate Change (Score 1) 315

Climate has always changed on this planet. Correct. There's two caveats here, though: First, the change in temperature has never been that fast in any history we can somehow observe and second, a change in climate has NEVER been beneficial for the apex predator.

Or any organism that didn't want to change a lot.

In other words, our choice seems to be to either change our behaviour now to prevent or at least limit the change in the climate, or to change our behaviour later when the change in climate forces us to.

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