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The Best Game Engines 113

SlappingOysters writes "IGN has taken a look at the most impressive middleware solutions for the next generation of gaming, giving a detailed analysis of which engines are performing the best and which have the most exciting futures. It runs through the technical strengths of each engine, as well as how that translates into actual gameplay. It also runs through which software has and will be using each engine."

Comment Another link in a long chain. (Score 3, Insightful) 140

"In order for benefit denial to work, the EMA would presumably require the three major consoles to have some sort of activation verification function to ensure that games were legally purchased.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what they already do? I remember the original Xbox had a challenge response function signed with 2048bit RSA specifically designed to verify if the game was legitimate (regardless of homebrew implications). I fail to see how this generates anything except another spot for something to go wrong (ever have the cashier forget to give you change? Now have him forget to activate your $60 game).

Honestly, the best thing to combat piracy is to release better quality games. I'm looking at you EA (a.k.a. carbon copy gaming).

Comment Call me crazy (Score 1) 1

I think I surprised even myself when I decided Windows 7 will be the first OS I seriously consider purchasing legitimately (after a few months of having the final version in the wild to work out the nastiest and easiest to spot bugs)
Operating Systems

Submission + - Windows 7 gets Offical. ( 1

LabRat007 writes: From our friends at Endgadet
... It looks like the Windows 7 release date just got official.
"We knew good and well the next iteration of Windows would be generally available this fall, but now we've a date to circle in our datebooks: October 22nd. Yep, the fourth Thursday in the tenth month of this year will mark the first date in which you — the general consumer — can purchase Win7, which gives you plenty of time to figure out which of the 94 variants will suit you best. Have fun!"


Submission + - Norwegian court rules: Indexing sites not legal 1

geirendre writes: The court of Norways capitol "Oslo Tingrett" have ruled that indexing internet sites without prior consent from the owner to be illegal. Link to original article (in Norwegian) The court states that "indexing a site is copying content" and thus violates copyright laws. In other words, what Google (and other search engines) does when it indexes sites, is illegal.

Comment Re:Where's the sting, oh thy sword? (Score 1) 204

Yeah, and unfortunately their case seems a bit flimsy:

MediaSentry violated the Pen Register Act when they recorded the TCP/IP packets that included the IP address of the sender. It is a misdemeanor under 18 U.S.C. Â 3121(a) to install or use a pen register or trap and trace device.

If this passed, it would make programs like Ethereal et al. more in a legal grey area than they are now.

Comment Re:Here's an easy solution (Score 1) 205

"If they want to dig their own grave then let them lie in it."

If we are to consider gambling as an addiction, are you also a proponent of allowing other kinds of addicts to go untreated? I agree, the less the government actually governs the better, but I think to offer some sort of program that's state-funded could help the system perpetuate itself less. Plus the funds can come from the casinos, making the addicts pay for their own treatment, creating no more stress for the government than is needed.

And I find it self-centered that you do not care for the financial security of your fellow man, while that fellow man may clean your streets, make your food, run your hospital. If only it were so easy.

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