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Comment Re:Status Bar??? (Score 1) 537

Overall, though, I truly believe that the features for 4.0 are ones Firefox users like - speed, HTML5 support, stability.
Is that at the expense of HTML 4 features like the Title tag? Currently, FF4 only shows the title in the tab and when you have more than 3 tabs open, it's impossible to read it. At least FF3.6 shows the active tab's title in the main FF Title bar so you could at least read the current one.

Comment Re:Bullshit. (Score 1) 356

Any time a new patch comes out, the new items can't be seen until the servers come up because they get "data mined" by sending API requests to the servers using random itemids.

Requesting an item id that the realm has not "seen" since coming back online from maintenance/restart will likely result in your client being forcefully disconnected. It's one way Blizzard stop data mining in that fashion.

Comment Re:I don't get it... (Score 1) 833

The whole thing seems to be on a purely honor system, sure the moderators there might be able to prune out all the 'Penis McBoobsfaces' that are going to be showing up over time

Fair point. A more subtle problem with a fake name is if your account gets hacked by a gold seller. Good luck proving who you are if you used a fake name and you can't access the account because the password's changed.

Comment Re:You are not now nor have you ever been anonymou (Score 1) 833

And what if the userbase isn't made up of entirely adults? This is wow we are talking about. I bet their are millions of minors who play.

Since this is Slashdot, I'm 100% sure you didn't read any comments posted prior to yours. Two words: Parental Controls.

Comment Re:TPG has the best plans (Score 2, Informative) 173

Another reason for BigPond: you can't get DSL connected by anyone else, but BigPond miraculously can. Go with them and churn after the first few months. I've seen it happen before.

The correct procedure if that is the case is if the following has happened:
  1. You signed up for ISP X
  2. Telstra rejects the application

  3. You immediately sign up for Telstra Bigpond
  4. Telstra accepts the application
  5. You contact ISP X and Bigpond and ask for a free transfer
  6. If that doesn't happen, contact the ACCC and the TIO

Telstra can't legally prevent you in that case and they'd rather keep it quiet than let the TIO/ACCC know they've been breaching operational separation (i.e. Telstra Wholesale and Telstra Bigpond are not allowed to communicate on different paths than other ISPs and TW).

Comment Re:Oh really? (Score 5, Informative) 227

To be even fairer, the ISPs and AFACT already have a procedure in place to do this. AFACT agreed to it and choose to blissfully ignore it in favour of asking the ISP to illegally do their dirty work.

AFACT can stop abusing the legal system and fuck off. They have a procedure that allows them to inform an ISP of an infringement via a magistrate, the ISP will happily comply with the request and send the agreed details to the respective law enforcement agency. The fact that AFACT have sent 0 of these requests since they were introduced almost 10 years ago proves they really don't give a shit about the ISP, or due process.

An ISP is NOT a judicial body. Infringement Notices are not legal documents and AFACT is not Law Enforcement.

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