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Comment Re:ARM cores to take the place of the x86 dominion (Score 1) 222

The only real problem is not Windows, it is getting the computers into the mainstream stores to be sold alongsides the Macbooks

What makes you assume Apple won't switch to ARM sometime in the next couple years? They dumped PPC for X86 due to the more favorable power/performance ratio. It's only natural to assume that when high-powered ARM processors appear, Apple will switch to that architecture without a moment's hesitation.

Comment Re:Shelf Life (Score 1) 255

New features of upcoming sites can be co-opted before they threaten the big players, as you might have seen with Facebook taking on some Twitter-like notions, such as the feed.

And pretty much stealing Foursquare's entire concept and copying it as Facebook Places.

Comment Re:Still has the same old problems (Score 1) 385

In particular, [Chrome] is still lacking a lot of options that i think ought to be available like having a drop-down list of all open tabs

That's available as one of my favorite extensions: here.

If I could ask for any Chrome feature, I'd like to see multiple rows of tabs. That used to be my favorite Firefox extension (Tab Mix Plus) but I'm willing to give it up in favor of Chrome's performance.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 353

For one the market share for iPhones is still much much larger then all the Android based phones out there. It is second only to RIM Blackberries.

That's actually not true, Nokia's apple share has always been much higher than Apple's. Apple's profit margins are rather substantial, though, compared to their percentage of the market.

Comment Re:This is an interesting development, but... (Score 1) 519

Interesting rumour. I'm slightly interested to know what your basis for this assertion is

Half a dozen of my friends figured this out the hard way. Their doctors all traced it back to drug interactions between antibiotics in the -cycline family (minocycline, tetracycline, etc.) and their low-dose oral contraceptive pills. But since anecdotes aren't proof, I spent about five minutes Googling:

Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3 (about 3/4 down the page)
Reference 4
Reference 5

Many sources I found note that it is difficult to conduct formal research in this area because women don't want to take antibiotics as part of a study and risk getting pregnant. It is difficult to prove what happens, but my friends have traced it back and told me what their doctors said. I hope sexually active readers hear this and protect themselves.

Comment Re:This is an interesting development, but... (Score 2, Interesting) 519

Just think about it: who bears most of the risk in case of pregnancy? Women.

That's the commonly held belief. However, in modern society, men are held accountable for their actions, and many women are perfectly willing to do nefarious things to keep a man around. Read: missing pills, poking holes in condoms, fishing used condoms out of trash, etc. Also, be aware that female birth control pills fail for the entire month if the woman takes any kind of antibiotic that month.


Repeated for emphasis. I can't count on two hands the amount of friends of mine that have accidentally impregnated a woman who took an antibiotic and didn't know about this side effect. And when accidental pregnancies occur, the man must defer to the woman's beliefs on whether abortion is wrong.

It might be unjust, but in most societies, men can walk away and abandon women they've gotten pregnant easily without serious social stigma or financial repercussions.

This is a modern society of hair-trigger lawsuits. Most women won't put up with that. Also, most men actually have at least minimal moral standards for themselves and won't abandon their child and its mother to fend for themselves.

We need more male contraceptive methods. Hell, we need as many contraceptive methods as we can get. If it were up to me, everyone would be required to use at least three methods before having sex. Unintended pregnancies destroy lives, so let's be smart about this.

Comment Re:Cavemen? (Score 1) 269

In short, it would take a lot more than this one paper to overturn the consensus that has resulted from one hundred years of scientific research. I mean, if someone published an experiment tomorrow saying that Einstein was wrong, what would your reaction be? To reject Einstein? Or to think that the experimenter might have screwed up?

No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.

- Albert Einstein

Comment Re:Not a problem (Score 1) 326

But as mentioned above, the vast majority of Windows-only programs are proprietary. Most of the open-source Windows applications are natively available on Linux already. So this won't work for most Wine users.

If Microsoft wanted to compile its software for the ARM architecture, it would. The market must demonstrate that long-battery-life netbooks are in high-demand first. Remember, Apple switched from PPC to Intel because of the improved performance-per-watt ratio. Once these major companies see a benefit to running their code on efficient RISC architectures, it will happen. It's just a matter of time.

Comment Re:Yeah... Ok (Score 1) 623

Society can protect it's citizens just fine by handing out life sentences. It's cheaper, more humane, and there might even be room too if we stopped locking people up for minor drug offenses.

I think you're being cowardly and small by trying to ignore the other side of the issue. Do you know anyone who's seen the inside of a federal prison? People start fights, and kill each other. Considering that our prisons are imperfect, I'd reconsider your policy of "put the terrible convicts somewhere where I don't have to worry about it" because someday you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Think about it - you're driving to work, a child jumps into the street to run after something, you're sending a text message on your phone, you run into the child and the child dies. You're looking at vehicular manslaughter with a plea bargain of 5-10 years in a federal prison. Think carefully about whether you'd want that 6'8" serial killer in the same yard with you when you leave your cell each day.

Comment Re:Yeah... Ok (Score 1) 623

I've been charged with a crime I didn't commit. Mind you it wasn't a capital offense but it was a felony.

So no, the law isn't perfect and can be wrong. But I still believe in capital punishment.

I respect you for having the courage to say that.

Comment Re:Ob (Score 4, Interesting) 623

I got it done at age 16. It is definitely better after. Also, in the U.S., nobody really cares one way or the other. Both ways are socially accepted. I know this is a topic of debate but I thought I'd add a data point since it's rare to find people who have had it both ways.

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