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Comment Re:My Impatience (Score 1) 259

And your download rate gets almost completely destroyed as a result. Other peers/leachers try to find the peers/seeds they can get the highest download rate from, so will disconnect from you if you don't send them anything. Leaving you with any seeds there might be, which are usually overloaded.

Still, I said almost always.

Comment Re:My Impatience (Score 1) 259

Torrenting almost always involves distributing pieces to a lot of other bit-torrent users. Each constitutes a copyright infringement, because you don't have distribution rights (aka copyright).

Even if you buy or own the thing you are bit-torrenting, it's still very much illegal if you don't own the copyright to that thing.

Comment Re:Catering to the neo-serfs are they ? (Score 1) 169

I have a working (graphical) snake game I wrote in QBASIC (self-taught) saved from the month I turned 13 (the code is of course horrific). School didn't teach me any programming either (I self-taught a variety of languages though), until taking a university course in computer game programming. Fast forward to the present day, and I have one shipped PC/360/PS3 game on my resumé and am a year away from adding a PS3-exclusive to that.

I live in the same economy as you, had the same opportunities. The difference is that I didn't drop out. I followed my dream.

Comment Re:Gnu Privacy Guard Pickup Unit? (Score 1) 181

As for synergy, totally agreed. I see the Cell as a decent attempt to get there. A few more SPEs and it might have been able to match the throughput of a GPU.

What grade of GPU? It's an order of magnitude short of the shader power alone of a top-of-the-range GPU, let alone the fixed function power it entirely lacks (e.g. texture samplers). Sony famously rated the PS3 as a 2 TFLOPS machine, of which only 200 GFLOPS were the Cell cpu, and the rest was the GPU (of which ~200 GFLOPS were programmable and the rest was fixed functions).

And GPUs have moved on by an order of magnitude since then.

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