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Comment 10 years later (Score 1) 550

10 years ago I would have gotten 20/10. 10 years later, and presbyopia has set in. At least now, I can pull up my near-sighted glasses to read up close. In another 10, I will need bifocals. It's too late for me to get lasik, as it is for most people 40+.

Comment Re:Obvious/Common sense wins again (Score 1) 112

Also, this is about testing theories. They mean nothing without experimental backup. Add to that the ability to make uniform 0.1 micron ridges that are 0.2 microns deep. Let's see if you even know how to begin to do that first before you speak. Clearly the nuance of science is lost on you. If you have a PhD, I wish to take it back.

Comment Re:Obvious/Common sense wins again (Score 1) 112

Did you read the link? Quoting: "Various physicists speculate that by choosing the right combination of geometries, it may be possible to make the force repulsive. That would be handy in preventing problems such as stiction. But nobody has been able to say for sure how this might be done." Explain that O Wise One. Maybe it's not possible, but those ignorant think everything is simple but what they do... let me guess, you are a wannabe hacker.

Submission + - Obama admin will not block state marijuana laws, if distribution is regulated (

schwit1 writes: The Obama administration on Thursday said it will not stand in the way of Colorado, Washington and other states where voters have supported legalizing marijuana either for medical or recreational use, as long as those states maintain strict rules involving distribution of the drug.

In a memo sent Thursday to U.S. attorneys in all 50 states, Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole detailed the administration’s new stance, even as he reiterated that marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

The memo directs federal prosecutors to focus their resources on eight specific areas of enforcement, rather than targeting individual marijuana users, which even President Obama has acknowledged is not the best use of federal manpower. Those areas include preventing distribution of marijuana to minors, preventing the sale of pot to cartels and gangs, preventing sales to other states where the drug remains illegal under state law, and stopping the growing of marijuana on public lands.

Submission + - The Augmented Reality America's Cup (

Tekla Perry writes: In "The Augmented Reality America's Cup" ( Stan Honey and Ken Milnes describe the positioning, communications, graphics, and augmented reality technology they developed that will be used in the upcoming America's Cup races and, they hope, will change the way sailing is televised and watched forever after. Honey and Milnes pioneered car navigation with the startup Etak, and changed the way we watch football on TV with Sportvision's yellow line.

Submission + - Huge Canyon Discovered Under Greenland Ice (

cold fjord writes: The BBC reports, "One of the biggest canyons in the world has been found beneath the ice sheet that smothers most of Greenland. The canyon — which is 800km long and up to 800m deep — was carved out by a great river more than four million years ago ... It was discovered by accident as scientists researching climate change mapped Greenland’s bedrock by radar. The British Antarctic Survey said it was remarkable to find so huge a geographical feature previously unseen. The hidden valley is longer than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. ... The ice sheet, up to 3km (2 miles) thick, is now so heavy that it makes the island sag in the middle (central Greenland was previously about 500m above sea level, now it is 200m below sea level)."

Comment Re:Yeah, that's just what the world needs (Score 2, Insightful) 625

If the suddenly lifespan tripled, and people died at the same rate as born, then the population would triple before it would stabilize. If lifespan tripling was also accompanied by our current population growth, then it would much more than triple. And if lifespan tripling also meant reproductive years tripled, then woah, we really have a huge population crisis on hand.

Comment Reviews on iPhone (Score 1, Interesting) 331

The reviews on the iPhone app (PBS by PBS Entertainment) are telling. They get barely more than 1-star. Most complaints are due to incompatibility. PBS is not in the app business, although it does need to reconsider its strategy. They could outsource the development, but I suspect they want careful control over the content and how it is delivered. Give them time.

Comment Re:In today's news... (Score 1) 365

I think al0ha's point is that people are responsible for the behavior of corporations. The buck doesn't stop with corporations. In this case it seems senior execs at google (maybe not the founders themselves) have a very conservative bias. Similarly, if we elect George Bush, or for that matter Obama, then WE have to take some ownership of that person's decisions.

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