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Comment Pretty sad when (Score 1) 228

the fan made series are better than glossy network produced shows. The latest episode of Continues was spot on with a plot that left Kirk between a rock and hard place holding to the prime directive, or saving an entire race of people, well worth the free. (as in beer), viewing.
This labor of love is by far the best spin on the ST universe.

Comment Re: try a meat locker! (Score 4, Informative) 181

I service a few accts that are abattoirs, numerous pc's and printers that live at 0C ,( 32F). All work is done situ, if a big job is required, the units get pulled out, left unplugged for 2 days, work is then performed, units go back in, unplugged for a day, then fired back up when acclimated. Humidity and condensation are the killers, the PC's need power supplies every few years, the big printers last 3-4 years before rust finally takes it toll. Cold air is supposed to be dry, but with the amount of people ingressing/egressing makes it a cold, humid environment, I can't say I recommend it :(

Comment Re:Really? (Score 4, Interesting) 180

Wait... your Windows phone gets updates??!!!
Wow, you are the lucky one then, because my my Lumia 625 and 635 were promised Win 10,(along with 78% of the MS phone market), then left to die alone in the digital wilderness, like ALL MS hardware eventually does. So Skype,Messenger, and Whatsapp are all unsupported now, in fact, even with the latest FB update, you get stuck in the loop, where if someone messages you, the screen asks to download Messenger, which you cant, they couldnt even roll it back to letting FB receive/reply PM'S,even thought the icon is still there.
No MS, you lost because your place in the phone arena because you ABANDONED it, it was a TOY to you, Like your first Surface was, Like the Zune was,like...well, ANYTHING not PC related.

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