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Comment So.. now they are doing (Score 2) 238

To pc's what they did to older windows phones?? Colour me surprised! Upgrade/ use the hardware we recommend or lose support is the new MA mantra, keep going MS, I had to toss my windows phone because of your lack of support, I've been on Mint for years, the only reason you are still relevant is your entrenched business portfolio, and even that is slipping away.

Comment Re:OS/2 Warp 4: Better than modern Linux. (Score 1) 93

I ran into OS2 doing a printer install for a clothing store chain back in the late 90's, I had never seen it before, there was no support available from the company, but it didnt take long to figure out, was quite intuitive. My sister worked for IBM for a bit and had quite a few OS2 manuals, which I borrowed to learn the system. Seems it was a victim of MS heavy marketing and the hardware prices at the time, seemed like a solid OS for sure.

Comment NO!, Just No! (Score 1) 83

Im officially DONE with windows phones, I have to use one as work software tie ins require it, bought a spare Lumia635 as a backup as at time it was promised a Win 10 upgrade, which never happened due to ram constraints. Now Messenger, Whatsapp, and even Skpe have been pulled , Im done! Fool me once, shame on you....

Comment my last company did this.. (Score 1) 152

cameras with microphones in the ceiling that covered the whole workspace, as managers we were allowed into the office for 45 mins in morning and at end of day for paperwork and email correspondence, otherwise the office was supposed to be empty with everyone doing field work. South Carolina is one of those wonderful "work at will" states, so I willed myself to work elsewhere....

Comment Re: Owning a cat is and of itself a mental illness (Score 1) 249

You need the best cat brush, a lint roller, pack of 6 for 2 bucks at Ikea, my cat Loves rubbing against one of these, and it gets all the loose fur off, when covered in fur, peel, and presto, whole new sticky surface, I only have to start the peel, then my cat grabs the end in his mouth and rest off for me, best investment ever!

Comment Re: 'Schizophrenia' is a normal reaction... (Score 3, Insightful) 90

I would reverse that statement to read
"many schizophrenics suffer from homelessness"
Most have drug problems trying to combat the symptoms, nit the other way around.
You see the lies propagated in anti marijuana stories that cite " look, he's a schizophrenic because he smokes weed, when the opposite is closer to the truth, they are self medicating.

Comment this has been done before.. (Score 1) 133

with same results, a Frankenstein-ish laptop with compromises everywhere, and usually thicker and heaver than a store bought laptop. Now the HP Stream and Tosh Chromebook2 could have been the way to go, but some have hard soldered EmmC boards, or non upgradable memory.
  Could this be done, uhhm,yah... but it will take a major manufacturer to make the base kit and still have a relatively sexy laptop.
So what we need is a great screen to start, a mother board(s) that are cheap and upgradable, extra RAM slots, and probably an M2 interface for storage, with that said, it would have to be a standard, so others can make components to fit.
I dont see this happenening as long as the main OEM's want you to buy a new laptop every 2-3 years.

Comment Re:Goodbye, good movie (Score 1) 146

really hope they get to Continue this series, they have finally got a good cast and settled into roles, Vic does a pretty good kirk, and the new Spock and Mccoy are passable, story lines are solid, and it has the "feel" of TOS, if they cant go on, we will be left with all the shitty green screen clones that look rubbish...

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