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Comment Re:Redundant (Score 1) 125

But,, and isn't redundant. It's maybe *pointless* when users are used to and, especially when they still haven't gotten rid of the redundant `www.` from their main URL

Comment Re:And dont you DARE close your eyes or not listen (Score 1) 578

You're talking about cue dots which are actually used more by the commercial providers (ITV and Channel 4), and now generally only for live programmes (i.e. with unpredictable ad break times) with regional opt-outs (i.e. where a bunch of different people need to know about the ad break starting).

Comment Re:Protocol-relative URLs (Score 3, Informative) 62

I prefer to think of it as a way of reducing redundancy.

The web page doesn't care whether it's being served over HTTP or HTTPS, that's only an issue for the web server. So, the web server configuration can have all the rules and redirections to enforce a particular policy, and the web page will work any time that gets updated, without having to have every link in every page rewritten.

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