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Comment Re: Yeah, right. (Score 1) 381

Employees need to get over it, and understand that a second line is a blessing.

I work as a Corporate Store Manager for Bell in Canada, and 90% of my peers carry a single device, and use the same device for work and personal. Bell supplies the line, and they bully vendors into supplying the hardware. Of the 40 or so managers in town, and several hundred sales reps, every single one of use that has been around for longer than 3 months (policy change) carries a Bell supplied line.

I carry my Bell supplied line (BB z10), as well as a personal line (Galaxy Note 2) daily when I am at work, although I tend to leave the Note in my jacket pocket, in the stock room. None of my peers, none of my staff, and none of my superiors have my personal line number, outside of HR, in my employee file.

Conversely, I leave the z10 in the same jacket pocket when I am home, or out and not working.

Work / Life balance is far more important to me than a little bit of extra weight in a pocket.

Comment Windows - (Score 1) 413

Windows to anything else, usually Debian, but my primary laptop has been OSX for the last year, with Debian running in a very rarely used VMWare instance.

Windows 8 Pro on another laptop, Debian on everything else, Ubuntu on my Galaxy Nexus, for shits and giggles.

Comment Re:semi serious question (Score 1) 130

higher density at 10K would still give tremendous rewards though.

Admittedly, it would just be a stop gap, eventually SSD will be everything, I get that, but in the mean time I would like to see Seagate and WD do what they do really well, rather than give us half baked solutions like these hybrid drives.

Comment Re:semi serious question (Score 2) 130

I get that, but I also see the flip side where 10K drives have typically been aimed at Enterprise, rather than consumer business.

I have a pair of ancient 74 gig raptors that I use for the boot system (raid 0) on my home NAS, and I love the disks. I'd love to see some consumer grade 10K drives with a standard warranty.

And, yes, I have SSD in my laptop, and I agree that spinning platters have a limited number of days, but for a company like Seagate who is pussying around with these hybrid drives, it would make sense for them to do what they do well, instead of half assing something, and giving us half a solution.

Comment Re:BES? (Score 1) 184

No. I have a device that I use for work, and with my Bold 9900 we had to use BES to get our corporate email (Bell Canada). With my Z10, it was as simple as putting my new SIM into the device, and setting up Exchange ActiveSync. However (I haven't 100% confirmed this yet) BlackBerry Balance (BBB?) doesn't work unless yo use BES. I can't for the life of my figure out how to split the device into two work environments.

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