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Comment Re:Number of _known_ dangers (Score 2) 143

There seem to be more things that are _known_ to be dangerous, but these things obviously were dangerous even when we didn't know they were.

I moderated a really controversial article once and as a result I stopped getting moderator points (as I expect did anybody else who moderated in that discussion, because I promoted comments on both sides of the issue). Since I can't mod you up, I'll just say "good point" in hopes that you get modded up some more.

Taking your comment a step further, this is "Good news, everyone!" because when we know these chemicals are bad, we avoid them. Not all of them are regulated, but manufacturers know people care about their kids safety so they avoid using chemicals shown to be bad (like BPA). That doesn't mean kids are no longer exposed to all of them, but I'd wager they're exposed to significantly fewer of them in smaller amounts than we were as kids.

Comment Re:Does the data imply better marriages? (Score 1) 158

LOL .. do you read Slashdot at all?

Because I would say most of us are suffering from "asshole syndrome" instead of "nice guy syndrome".

My original UID was in the 100,000s (I think, I seem to recall being disappointed it wasn't 5 digits). Anyway, the point is... I've read slashdot for a long time and most of the people here seem to fit the nerd stereotype pretty well and seems they still do, as long as you ignore the trolls and flamebait. The heated arguments here are always about data and empirical evidence and formal logic and the like. We don't really get passionate about everyday life, so I was basing my observations of nerds on people I know IRL. I really can't speak for your average /.er, on this subject because the subject just doesn't come up too often.

Comment Re:This doesn't mean they're not loners. (Score 1) 158

Their crushing loneliness compels them to wife the first woman that gives them a chance.

Loneliness in nerds is usually self-inflicted because we choose to socialize remotely (Iike slashdot). I think the typical nerd doesn't "wife the first woman that gives them the chance", but that, unlike your average Joe, they don't typically pursue relationships that they know wouldn't work out. In other words, it's not just somebody who'll give a geek a chance, but somebody who actually loves them enough not to turn around and divorce them after a year. Maybe that "never married" statistic contains the lonely geek stereotype, but I know a lot of geeks (IT, math and music) and most of them are happily married (and most of the ones who aren't are still in long-term, committed relationships). Mine is just anecdotal evidence, but the fact that census data shows both married and never married are above average makes me think nerds stay married.

Comment Does the data imply better marriages? (Score 2) 158

It's encouraging that a higher than average number of IT workers are married but a higher percentage also have never married because I interpret that to mean IT folks don't just commit, but they stay married too. (I am by profession in IT and I know I am completely committed to my wife and that it's reciprocal, but of course I'm just one person.) There's the term "geek chic" which I guess means nerds are more attractive than they used to be, and I guess that in the end "nice guy syndrome" works to our advantage.

Comment Re:Competing Against Amazon (Score 1) 52

Who says it has to be Windows only?

Stop and think about that for a second. With the exception of Office for Mac, how many cross-platform apps from Microsoft can you name? I don't really have a big problem with MS like most /.ers do, but even I know that MS is not a big fan of cross-platform development. One OS to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.

Comment Re:for open source, add, don't create. Mac != iOS (Score 1) 299

I'd bet there is an open source synth that is 98% what you want.

Another slashdotter pointed out something called csounds. It sounds like what I'm looking for in a synth. I'd have to put it in a VM since Sibelius or Final seem to be the best for notation, but it looks like my synth is already out there.

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