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Comment Re:nerd fail (Score 1) 125

The server is generally more specific than the service. It can have a version, a location, etc. The service would be analogous to a wait staff, while the server would be a specific waiter/waitress.

Comment Summary Backwards (Score 5, Informative) 698

I read the FCC paper.. the summary is full of errors. The individual user does not get throttled until the entire CTMS port is in a congested state (that's 80% downstream, 70% upstream). And 'throttled' is a loose term.. if the bandwidth is available you get it. You are throttled if there are lower volume users on the shared pipe, and even then they just get a higher priority. Depending on how bad the congestion is, you might not even notice this.

Comment Re:Risk assessment (Score 1) 184

Trust me, the chances are good your sysadmin couldn't imagine you are trying to sucker him. He thinks that a) you are an idiot and b) he is a genius. He/she will never be convinced that either is false, when in fact usually both are.

There's a good (50/50) shot that the sysadmin in question does not even know what strings or strace do.

Comment Re:They Just Don't Get It... (Score 1) 82

I'm not sure exactly what it was called.. but when I was very young I used to play a text based ST game on my Dad's mainframe terminal at home. It was awesome, you could discover planets and mine for dilithium crystals, do experimental things with your engines, and klingons would pop up from time to time to fight? Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

It supports your statement though... It would be a great candidate for a next-gen 'SimEarth' type of free-play exploration game.

Comment Chips (Score 1) 699

I find this a little disturbing in regards to the commercial unix space. It seems like Sun, IBM, and Intel are the only chipset manufacturers left. If sparc goes, your choices are IBM, Intel (Power, Itanium). If another company were to enter the chip market with something competetive, I would think there are enough Unix variants and forks that another one could arise. The software isn't really the problem, IMHO.

Comment Re:Kinda sad, though (Score 1) 54

I get a a lot of your points. IMHO, most of the mistakes with COH are actually simpler than that. The big problem is you start with a name and a costume. Coming up with a name up front is really tough, since people used up tons of them. It's possible to look cool at level 1, and suck. They should have started everyone with normal names and no costume, and given pieces of both as you level. The appearance factor is a huge carrot.

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