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Comment Legal Prostitution (Score 1) 19

Most of the problems associated with prostitution are caused by the illegality itself. If it were legal, you wouldn't have hookers walking down the street soliciting you. They would be in "cathouses" in areas zoned for such businesses. Rather than offering STD testing, it could be mandated as a requirement for their license. You would no longer have pimps beating them. And they would be paying income tax and their employers would be paying business taxes.

Where I live, the Netherlands (small country in Europe, you probably know Amsterdam), prostitution is legal. But legalizing prostitution alone hasn't been enough to solve all the problems and criminal connections. Prostitution remains easy money for criminals, especially when prostitutes are forced and get little pay. And the real-estate needed for window-prostitution and brothels is a good way to launder money. There remains a substantial part in illegality, though overall, the situation seems better in comparison to places where prostitution is illegal.

Comment Re:why would a computer "jitter and freeze" (Score 1) 445

I believe eMule, for example, is set to open up a max of 800 or 1000 simultaneous connections out of the box.

No. It may allow a user/system to do that, but it uses far fewer connections out of the box, not counting KAD/DHT and such. Same goes for BitTorrent and many other p2p-apps. The problem usually lies the user setting insanely high settings for bandwidth and connections.

The programmers of these P2P apps, either brilliant jerks or unwitting fools (both equally dangerous), have made applications that are so irresponsible on networks that just opening them can bring networks to their knees -- intentionally so, as these apps were specifically designed to break college P2P filters.

Which p2p-app is designed to break college P2P filters by setting up massive amounts of connections? Many home-routers crap out when using 256 or 512 connections, so modern p2p apps shy away from using too many connections. Of course, end-users can change the settings and configuration so that p2p-apps do use a thousand+ connections.

Comment Re:You Can't Fight the Internet (Score 4, Interesting) 544

You can question whether or not other people have the right to see images like that. Personally, I consider pictures of someones death and/or mutilated body are more personal/private than ones genitals.

The images of Nikki, including one of her nearly-decapitated head drooping out the shattered car window, were taken as a routine part of a fatal accident response and went viral after being leaked by two CHP dispatchers.

So what is the penalty of leaking images like this? I take it they will lose their jobs and face a civil lawsuit from the parents, but will they be fined or face jail-time?

Comment Re:Country living less stressful? (Score 3, Informative) 272

Don't have any links at hand, but there is some research that concluded that urban-life induces stress. Apparently, some people naturally go into stress mode in crowded places, which are fairly common in urban environments. All the noises, moving vehicles, flashing lights, etc can also induce additional stress.

Comment Re:Sony not much better (Score 1) 346

Not sure if it is large scale, but it is not uncommon. The issue made it on a large Dutch consumer tv show, because Sony was charging people 200 euro for repairs even though it should fall under warranty (Sony claims there is only a 1 year warranty on the PS3, but Dutch consumer law states that warranty extends to the expected life-time of a product; essentially Sony tried to claim that the PS3 only has a one-year life-time).

Comment Re:Were nerds here... use the f'ing metric system (Score 2, Insightful) 472

Celsius is no where near that intuitive and was as arbitrarily defined as Fahrenheit was.

~0 degrees Celcius = Melting point of ice; 100 degrees Celcius = Boiling point of water (all at standard atmospheric pressure)

0 degrees Fahrenheit = Stabilized temperature of a mixture of ice, water, and ammonium chloride; 32 degrees Fahrenheit = Melting point of ice; ~ 96 degrees Fahrenheit = Body temperature.

Celcius seems pretty intuitive to me, though originally it was reversed (100 degrees was the freezing point and 0 was the boiling point). Fahrenheit doesn't make sense at all.

Comment Re:Who watches the watchers? (Score 5, Insightful) 203

Actually, no. If you look at most laws governing Child Pornography, it has jack squat to do with the abuse of children and paying for images of abuse. Virtual CP is illegal and criminal in many countries. Staged CP (adults dressed up as underage teens and purported as such) is illegal as well in most countries. Even actual consensual "CP" is illegal (ok, borderline, but google Traci Lords to see what I mean). If the abuse of children was what is was all about, authorities would do something serious about Human Trafficking, which victimizes 100's to 1000's of underage females yearly.

Don't get me wrong, I have serious issues with Child Abuse, but the whole fight against CP is symbolic and based upon morality. It is not doing much for the actual victims. Most abused children probably never end up in online CP. They remain anonymous in some dark basement or illegal brothel. And how often do you hear someone about that?

Comment Re:WRONG (Score 1) 601

Not sure about the glide angle of a 747 (1:10 - 1:15?), but it doesn't go down fast (it isn't slow, but not fast either). In fact, the have been a handful of incidents where a large passenger plane lost all engine power and was able to glide to a (safe) landing place. Even a field is possible, except your going to end up with one heck of a bill. The real issue compared to a Cessna is the amount of fuel a passenger plane carries and the odds of it causing a deadly fire.

Comment Re:Robotic cars may be the answer (Score 0) 601

Some of us actually like driving. Robotic cars sounds nice, but what does that say about humans? We're evolved, just not evolved enough to drive a car? No one should be allowed to drive by hand, because some are incapable of doing so safely? Because some of us are obsessed by statistics? Perhaps it is me, but what is this obsession of improving the ... deaths per year at all and any costs?

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