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Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 634

You forgot another reason: players just got fed-up with the cash-up-front and all-sales-final combo mentality of publishers combined with an ever increasing number of high-profile duds. When the games were $25-35 CDN (back in the 1990s) new and $10 in the bargain bin, people could simply risk buying them at a whim and throw them away when they did not like them. Now combine prices in the $60-80 CDN range ($45 or so discounted after several months) and the fact that the game review magazines (and most internet sites) are nearly universally bought-and-paid-for shills for the publishers (or simply focus on the wrong elements of the game) and it becomes a very expensive and highly unrewarding crap shoot.

Demos do not help because like the review sites, demos are usually shamelessly doctored to operate quite differently from the product sold.

In short: the marketplace has been rigged to give huge and unfair advantage to the sellers. Some people mitigate this by using their social networks and borrowing games/books/what-not from friends, but for many this is not practical.

And so over the years some have deployed a simple strategy (which also applies to all other media like movies and books): they play the game and only if they like it, they pay the authors. Junk (i.e. majority of products) is simply discarded. This returns the balance of power back to the consumer and rewards actual creativity as opposed to cookie-cutter corporate crap.

Naturally the manufacturers of cookie-cutter crap dislike this idea very much, they would have you pay up front and screw you if you do not like what they put in that shiny wrapper, which I think is one of the often missed major motivations behind DRM across the so-called "contents" industries.

Comment COWON S9 (Score 1) 521

I recently bought a Cowon S9, which is a nice little amoled touchscreen PMP that uses a Flash UI. It's decent out of the box, but what makes it extra great is that one can develop and install custom UIs on it (google "cowon s9 Aero Ultimate", "cowon s9 Dark Evolution", and many others) and those happen to be quite good. And half of them are made by high-school students working on their own in their spare time!

So meh. I think that someone should take a look at actual Flash-based players on the market before coming to the sweeping conclusion that it can't work on touchscreens.

Comment Re:Open worlds are still limited by plots though.. (Score 1, Informative) 104

Depending on the item, you could re-acquire it. If it was the Wraithguard, there was an alternate (pretty cool and non-cheating, actually) way to get it, and it went on your other hand. People that went a little psycho and decided to off Vivec himself ended up having to go this route.

Comment Re:Open worlds are still limited by plots though.. (Score 2, Informative) 104

The Elder Scrolls games (also Bethesda's) are more open then Fallout 3 in that sense -- you can ignore the main quest easier, and even when you complete it, the game continues on.

By the way, Fallout 3's third mini-expansion will change the ending and allow you to continue playing once you complete the main quest. Why they didn't think to do that right away confuses me, since they could have just looked to their Elder Scrolls games from the get-go.

Comment Not enough crap (Score 1) 650

What? Only a handful of web browsers? COME ON MAN! I want at least 15 browsers including Nutscrape 4.7, maybe five or six 2-D graphics applications, about 80 video and music players, four office suites, 10 instant messaging clients, and just about everything else there's a MS version of. I WANT OPTIONS! Hard drive space? Whatevah that is cheap as free. Boot times? Hey I gotta go pee sometime don't I? Customized installs? AS IF!

No seriously, what the fuck, I spend enough time deleting shit I'm not going to use from any newly purchased computer already. I don't want to have to delete yet MORE. Damn, if they want to punish MS they don't have to punish me while they're at it -_-

Comment Re:Just like batman... (Score 1) 439

I agree totally on Conroy and Hammill. When I measure TDK against other Batman films, I also measure it against Mask of the Phantasm, heh.

TDK is FAR, FAR, FAR from perfect, but it is so much closer than the other serious live-action Batman films that it's no contest as far as which is the best of those.

I don't know much about the English voice actors for Cowboy Bebop... I only watch subtitled foreign-language stuff if I have the opportunity.

I didn't think Cowboy Bebop was close to Batman: TAS in terms of overall quality (especially given the last two episodes of Bebop where they realized that they had this big story arc planned all along and had done zero with it up until then). That said, I think it's something that can grow into a franchise that delivers something better than the anime. A movie may well fit into that strategy, but Keanu Reeves turns it into instant fail. Spike is a charismatic, funny character who is actually skilled in martial arts, and Keanu can't even go 1-for-3 as far as that goes. It's ridiculous, but of the big-name actors out there I know of, I'd say Ben Stiller is as good as anyone else for the role. If you want a "perfect" (true-to-form) Spike, I can't think of anyone appropriate so an unknown would have to be cast.

Oh well, at least we've heard nothing about the EVA remake as of late. A good thing if you ask me. Cowboy Bebop, even if you don't want it "tarnished," can be transitioned to live-action far more easily than Evangelion.

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