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Comment Re:Read the Article! (Score 1) 363

I know it is Slashdot and the summary is misleading about it "adding 100kg over a Tesla battery" but if you actually read the article you would learn that the idea is not to replace the existing Li-ion battery but to have this as well as a reserve. As you point out most people only drive short trips for which a Li-ion battery is well suited. This is just to provide a power for long distance driving.

Or, you know, if people would just actually read the summary, which states that the Li-ion battery would still be retained for short-range trips... :P

I'm sure I could have worded the 100kg bit better to state that the 100kg is IN ADDITION TO the existing weight of the Li-ion battery... but I guess ./'s editors are only interested in correcting my submission title...

Submission + - Cdn-Isreali group demonstrates 3,000 km e-car Aluminum-Air range booster

Jabrwock writes: One of the biggest limitations on lithium battery-powered electric cars has been their range. Last year Isreali-based Phinergy introduced an "aluminum-air" battery. Today, partnering with Alcoa, a Canadian aluminum producer, they announced a demo of the battery, which is charged up at Alcoa's aluminum smelter in Quebec. The plant uses hydro-electric power to charge up the battery, which would then need a tap-water refill every few months, and a swap (ideally at a local dealership) every 3,000km, since it cannot be recharged as simply as Lithium. The battery is meant to boost the range of standard electric cars, which would still use the Lithium batteries for short-range trips. The battery would add about 100 kg to an existing Tesla car's battery weight.

Comment No larger ISPs? (Score 1) 66

So if I type in small-town Saskatchewan, it will show me the local "Access Communications" and "Yourlink", both very small regional ISPs, but not Sasktel or Shaw, the two province-wide ISPs?

And if I type in Winnipeg (75% of the pop of all of SK), it says there's no results available?


Comment Re:carplay? (Score 1) 264

Didnt apple make a big fuss about google using the term "appstore"? so google changes the name to "googleplay" Now Apple decides to use the term "carplay"??? Let me guess, now a new lawsuit on google for using the word "play"

Can't argue you could confuse an "appstore" style online software download site with a car navigation system though. Apple at least had a smidgen of a legal argument over "appstore".

Comment Re:darn. (Score 1) 264

Oh the humanity. Having to hold a button for a second with your thumb. Without having to take it off the wheel. At all.

As opposed to every other navigation system, some of which even make you use a mouse-type controller on the dash to browse through the myriad of available controls.

Comment Re:Doesn't work always (Score 1) 348

There are traffic engineering standards that describe this in every state and the country itself. However, that doesn't prevent a person with revenue generation intent from tampering when they install or maintain the signal, even remotely I suppose these days. If the same team that operates the things is also in charge of auditing the settings for compliance with see where this is leading

That's no different than letting the police do the testing when you challenge their radar guns' accuracy. Have an independent review system. Then if someone challenges the RLC, you have documentation to back up the claim that the yellow timer is reasonable for that intersection.

Comment Re:Politics as usual (Score 1) 348

And once you've done all that, and you still have people running the red?

My city did all of the above, and now people run the red because they know the other side doesn't get the green right away, so it's "OK".

Then have the camera ticket in that instance. But switching the times lower to gain more tickets is that antithesis of safer.

So why not mandate a standard for yellow light length based on speed, so you eliminate the potential conflict of cities "tweaking" it to maximize fine returns. Instead we get the boneheaded idea that we should just ban the cameras, as if they were the problem...

Comment Re:Slightly misleading. (Score 1) 226

The newer community boxes have several larger boxes on the end for smaller parcels. The key for them is dropped in the smaller mailbox it's destined for. You drop the key in the return slot after you fetch your parcel. Most mail larger than a letter that I receive needs a signature anyway, so I'm always going to the local post office anyway.

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