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Microsoft Says Google Chrome Frame Makes IE Less Secure 459

Mark writes "The release of Google Chrome Frame, a new open source plugin that injects Chrome's renderer and JavaScript engine into Microsoft's browser, earlier this week had many web developers happily dancing long through the night. Finally, someone had found a way to get Internet Explorer users up to speed on the Web. Microsoft, on the other hand, is warning IE users that it does not recommend installing the plugin. What does the company have against the plugin? It makes Internet Explorer less secure. 'With Internet Explorer 8, we made significant advancements and updates to make the browser safer for our customers,' a Microsoft spokesperson told Ars. 'Given the security issues with plugins in general and Google Chrome in particular, Google Chrome Frame running as a plugin has doubled the attack area for malware and malicious scripts. This is not a risk we would recommend our friends and families take.'"

Large-Scale Mac Deployment? 460

UncleRage writes "I've been asked to research and ultimately recommend a deployment procedure for Macs across a rather large network. I'm not a stranger to OS X; however, the last time I worked on deployment NetRestore was still king of the mountain. Considering the current options, what methodologies do admins adhere to? Given the current selection of tools available, what would you recommend when planning, prototyping, and rolling out a robust, modular deployment scenario? For the record, I'm not asking for a spoon-fed solution; I'm more interested in a discussion concerning the current tools and what may (or may not) have worked for you. There are a lot of options available for modular system deployment... what are your opinions?"

Trust an Insurance Company's "Drive-Cam?" 480

ramen99 writes "Our new car insurance company offered us discounts for our teenage driver if we agree to install a 'drive-cam' that records driving habits and wirelessly transmits video footage to a 'neutral driving coach' for evaluation and comment. While this might be great to monitor a new teen driver, it will also monitor other adult drivers. The insurance company claims that they would never use any information obtained to consider changes in insurance rates, but that really sounds unbelievable. Would you give up your privacy to save some dough? Installation is free, and the camera mounts just under the rear-view mirror. Something seems fishy about this..." Especially when, according to a British insurance firm, computer engineers are most likely to crash (sent in by antdude).

Comment Re:If you don't see a problem with that, (Score 1) 454

Hey Sparrow, if you think IDing yourself is the same as "being tracked" or having to prove you are innocent of any given crime, you have issues buddy. I just said it as an example, as i, for one, have never had to proof my identity to the police, but if they required me to do it, i'd do it. That retarded way of thinking of yours is why there are so many problems of identity theft in the US, and so very very little here in Spain. I'll stick with our way of doing things. Thank you very much

Comment Re:Interesting Discussion (Score 4, Funny) 346

That reminded me of the times I played Lemmings in my 386. Whenever i got bored or frustrated I would just put two lemmings in "guard" mode right where they came out into the level, and after getting them all packed into the 3 or 4 pixels left between the guards, I would hit the suicide button and watch all of those lemmings blow up. It was like fireworks! Pretty fireworks!

Comment Re:Outstanding. (Score 1) 454

It might be so in the US or UK or wherever your are from, but in Spain everybody over eighteen is obligated to carry our national id (DNI) or similar. If you don't they have every right to take you "downtown" and verify your identity. I don't see the problem in proving you are who you say you are. Example:
COP: Afternoon sir, We are looking for a known serial killer named xxxx. May I see your ID?
RANDOM PERSON: No, but my name is yyyy, I'm not xxxx.
COP: Ok, thank you sir. Good day.

If you don't see a problem with that, you should go back to your cabin, Unabomber.

Comment What I just don't get (Score 2, Insightful) 647

The thing about drug-testing (not alcohol) for driving purposes that always leaves me wondering is: how the they know I'm positively high? Maybe I shared a joint a month ago with my buddies, and since THC is fat-soluble it lasts longer than any other controlled substance in your system. Maybe it doesn't last for so long in your saliva, but still there should be a threshold just like there is with alcohol ( >0.23 = your are busted, 0.23 = you can go now). How do they legally state that you are not ok to operate a motor vehicle?? In my opinion the only way to assess this would be by legalizing, and then restricting. This way it's just nuts.

Comment Re:The Fans DID Notice It Though (Score 2, Funny) 198

Half of the joke is only seen when you hover over the cartoon.

Man..., after all this time following xkcd, and i just learned that from you (I wondered what you meant, and i just checked it with monday's strip). I wonder what i've been missing all this time (not gonna recheck them). I guess i'll wait until i buy the book and hope they use the hover-over text as a bottom note.
  I feel dumb. And judging by your +5 Informative, i'm not the only one who learnt something today.

Comment Re:As opposed to the current generation.. (Score 0) 177

IThe problem with the PS3 is not that it doesn't have software but ...

Let me stop you right there. The reason why the PS3 is not dominating the market is completely software related. It's related to the fact that you can't pirate PS3 games (hooray DRM!!). The very same reason why they made it so big with their first console (pirating games for the original PlayStation was the greatest selling point of their platform) is the reason they are not dominating right now. I noticed this a while back while thinking about purchasing a new console. If you do the math, xbos360 and a few pirate games totally wins over the PS3 and 50+ euros per game.
Just my 2 cents.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 711

Seeing the results, it's obvious where most readers live. Me, I prefer CEE 7/16, which is the usual socket where I'm living right now (Spain), and I guess most of Europe. The French kind is the same but it's earth with a rod instead of a side connector, which makes it impossible to connect upside down. That's why I prefer CEE 7/16, the freedom; it's also very tough.

Disclaimer: I had to search the names in wikipedia to see which one was which.

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