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Comment Re:Fertilizers are a major issue . . . (Score 0) 190

Expensive = Starvation for the poor...

Nobody gives fuck number one about "the poor." We deliberately burn literal mountains of food because Al Gore. We apply huge multipliers to the cost of everything — housing, vehicles, energy and on and on — to assuage the endless anxieties of the comfortable. We don't hesitate to freeze our poor elderly to death on behalf of these anxieties. No one will be swayed by arguments with this basis.

Comment Re:For Now... (Score 1, Troll) 64


Pretty hard to support the arguments of Google et al. re Net Neutrality while this kind of nasty shit is going on. I fully appreciate the fine distinctions, but I also know explaining these subtleties to normals is nigh on impossible. At the end of the day it has every appearance of being just another bunch of corporate rent seekers squabbling with each other, none more obviously noble than the others, and safely ensconced in that stink the Senators from Comcast can back Comcast's FCC chairman with a straight face.

Comment Legitimizing bullshit (Score -1, Troll) 318

It appears that weather is now officially climate. How many months before the climate glitterati start awarding each other Ph.Ds in Attribution Science? Or has that already happened?

Every bird that falls from the sky is now the direct result of American per capita energy use and anyone that says otherwise is a denying shitheel.

Comment Re:Point? (Score 5, Insightful) 69

Am I missing something?

Why yes. Yes you are.

This is an opportunity to condemn the US for its reckless cold war behavior. Also, there are obvious and fun equivalences your supposed to make between the Soviet Union and the US. Further, there are tangential green energy angles to this as well, which you should have picked up on by the subtle conflation of weapons production with and energy supply among the icons assigned to the story. These arguments should to be at hand at all times in case some trumpanzee mentions Chernobyl or Kysthym and you need to step in with the necessary whataboutism.

Remember, the US is a xenophobic, homophobic planet wrecking slave state infested by genocidal Christian white life and we're relying on people like you to keep yourself armed with the correct views at all times.

Carry on, Internet warrior!

Comment Re:I like paper ballot (Score 1) 391

Michigan has approximately this system in place. It worked well in 2016.

What didn't work well was Wayne County. The county where one finds Detroit is fabulously corrupt and incompetent. Poll workers messed up their job so badly that had Jill Stein's recount been completed in Michigan about half of Detroit votes would have been excluded from the result; state law governing recounts excludes ballots from precincts that fail to balance votes tallied by the machine with paper ballots found in the lock box and the count of voters recorded as having voted in the precinct.

No other precincts in the state had such problems; the system is straightforward to operate and competent workers have no trouble dealing with it. The result was ideal; despite clear incompetence the final result in Michigan matched the intent of voters; had the Stein recount been completed according to the laws of the state the winner's margin (Trump) would only have gotten larger.

Michigan's voter ID law also helped in detecting a number of double votes by people sending in absentee ballots and also voting at polling stations. Absolutely no one anywhere was surprised to discover that the vast majority (29 of 31) of those cases were from (D) dominant Detroit as well.

Comment Establishment media (Score 2, Insightful) 368

This "journal" is a McCune operation; the ultra wealthy widow of a banker that funds all manner of establishment approved non-profits and academics. In addition to being the ultimate paymaster of no end of well connected non-profits they fund lots of (D) campaigns in the North East [1,2].


Enjoy your establishment kool-aid. It's telling you want you want to hear so I'm sure the fact that it's 1% "bankster " funded "research" won't be an issue as it ricochets around the liberal echo chamber.

Comment Majority (Score 3, Insightful) 410

The majority of Americans aren't hate-filled malcontents that actively seek opportunities to be offended by nothing little holiday traditions. The majority of Americans know there is nothing in "Merry Christmas" that needs to be fixed and have low regard the shitheels that think there is.

Comment Re:A challenge to everyone (Score 2) 591

1. Does the price of services that I'm using go up? Yes

2. Do these services maintain a similar quality of service as they do today? Yes, at some higher price for the service.

3. Will I be able to rent a movie via AppleTV and have it still be instantly watchable? Yes, at some higher price for the service.

4. Will Netflix and Hulu still stream at a watchable rate? Yes, at some higher price for the service.

The rent seekers want you to pay them, not shut you down. This is history; In 2014 Netflix signed a deal with Comcast to end their artificial bandwidth problems reaching Comcast customers. The practice would have become more widespread except NN shut it down. It will now be rapidly applied to every significant streaming service and the cost will be passed on to you.

Comment Re:Having the pie and eating it. (Score 1) 591

They won't lose common carrier status. They'll keep it and manipulate content for profit. Anything they do that involves manipulating content and traffic will be judged a function of an "information service," not a common carrier, while the exact same wires, poles and conduits will remain their exclusive property and protected from competitors as a function of being the common carrier. They're going to have both simultaneously.

Comment Re:Goverment System = Secure Stable Durable (Score 5, Interesting) 208

As a result of working for DOD contractors at various times my identity information — extremely detailed identity stuff, like who I went to grade school with and every place I've ever lived and every foreign country I've ever visited — has been stolen from Federal government systems three times now. We see no end of criminality in the handling of the Federal government's electronic documents and no end to the incompetence and deliberate neglect in maintaining recoverable backups.

This Federal government you imagine of competent, conscientious and moral people that don't neglect things and don't destroy incriminating things is a fiction inside your head, and no amount of billions of dollars can ever make it real; it's broken by design. I can't see how moving the bulk of it to efficiently run and competently maintained cloud environments could do any harm, and it may well improve things in a number of ways. At the very least it may stop being trivially simple for the next Paul Combetta to doctor and erase the record.

Comment Re:So why are we trying to kick people out of the (Score 2) 119

This means we cannot have growth because companies will not be able to hire new people

The low unemployment figures published by the labor department have factored out a huge number of employable people that supposedly "gave up" looking for work (according to labor.) The actual pool of available workers is much larger than what the unemployment number suggests. The is corroborated by the fact that wage growth has been modest despite the low unemployment rate; the pool isn't actually empty yet.

Removing people from the "work force" to improve the unemployment number was an obvious and widely criticized tactic during Obama's time. If this growth continues I predict that at some point the labor department will be forced to correct this and factor people back in, otherwise they'll end up with some absurdly low figure that is difficult to explain. We're getting close to that point now; the calculation is already making "record low unemployment rate" headlines. If it gets into the 3's or even lower there will be "ALL TIME RECORD" headlines at which point the jig will be up and everyone will be questioning the legitimacy of these figures if only because they'll make Trump look good.

Comment Re:Good movies, Terrible Star Trek (Score 2) 228

too clean

Tarantino can probably help with that part. Give him some play and the finale will be a seedy hold in the bottom of some pirate space ship filled with sacks of space dope and a bunch of astonished, half naked female bad persons that blast each into bloody chunks spinning in zero g, all in slow motion.

Sounds like a plan.

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