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Comment Re:Democrats (Score 1) 399

This stupidity will die in court. The first class that has >1 student denied a diploma will form the basis of a class action; Chicago is filled to the brim with the sort of lawyers that will not hesitate to argue that this policy is discriminatory due to the minority demographics of the district. They'll be climbing over each other to get the case. If you are a Chicago student that may graduate under this policy and do not otherwise have plans you could win a nice settlement by setting yourself up to have your diploma denied; the lawyers will be looking for a poster child. Groom yourself and practice some lines about how your "future is in jeopardy" because you can't get your diploma. This stuff writes itself.

The whole thing is so obviously infeasible that all the possible explanations one is left with for how Chicago's leadership thought it was a good idea to float this trial balloon are cynical. Maybe they really are that profoundly naive... Maybe they think the citizens are dumb enough to give them credit for trying... Maybe it's a scheme to embiggen student financing. Which of these is the worst?

Comment Re:Don't Tax Billionaires, Bro! (Score 1) 472

Indeed. Oh look, another wonderkin billionaire believes his will should be public policy, while his army of lawyers "double irish" his tax liabilities out of existence. And don't you take your next breath until you've vectored this "news" to the next node of the progressive echo chamber. Yay slashdot.

Comment Re:Casting and milling are well understood (Score 1) 74

To date there is no reliable way to find a single weld failure in all those thousands of layers.

I'll stipulate that because I don't know enough to make an argument. Perhaps the desire to drive the high cost of aerospace manufacturing will motivate some innovation here. Shouldn't it be possible to use machine vision to analyze the build of a component in real time and capture defects? One imagines that an item built in this way could eventually be considered more safe than a traditional part.

Anyhow, "regulatory headwinds" are fine; it isn't as if airlines are infeasible without incremental manufacturing. There are plenty of fields with far lower consequences of failure where 3D printing can earn a track record.

Comment Re:They'll complain (Score 2, Insightful) 253

unless the 'potentially offensive' trademark is anything even remotely liberal-leaning. Then the alt-right will scream bloody murder and lawsuits will ensue.

We're use to it bro; been catching your hate all our lives. Right now there is a twitter tag: #HuntRepublicans, created by a (D) operative named James Divine. Nothing new; been going on forever. Hate filled liberals say whatever they want without consequence.

Comment Re: One of the reasons I pay extra at whole foods (Score -1, Flamebait) 311

Here in flyover country most of the people encountered in Walmart are decent and ordinary.

Uhm, no. Most of flyover country is redneck. The characterization of the GP is dead on correct; angry, goateed, tattooed, shirtless redneck trash walking around looking for trouble, surrounded by a passel of morbidly obese women and filthy kids smelling of pets and urine, shamelessly yelling at each other. They can't make it from the exit to their neglected, clapped out vehicles without a squabble and if you make eye contact while not wearing an MC cut you stand a non-zero chance of getting assaulted. If they find out you own anything they can carry off and trade for a hit of meth they'll dwell on it till they think you've left the place unoccupied and come through a window. Have a traffic altercation and you'll end up shooting a couple to survive, so you best get a CCW.

I live in it bro. Same shit for 50 miles in every direction.

You snowflakes best stick to your urban jungles and find someone to deliver your groceries.

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