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Comment Re:Evil Monopoly (Score 3, Funny) 314

Sure, companies are choosing to act the way they are, but the current patent system is incentivizing this behavior. The question should be whether there is a system with better incentives, not whether companies should stop doing what they are doing, because some companies will behave responsibly, but others invariably won't and you have to expect that behavior.

I'm not convinced any companies, even patent trolls, are truly acting irresponsibly. It's impossible to know if a patent is/isn't valid without going to court. And it's impossible to know if a patent is/isn't being infringed without going to court.

This leads to disagreements between patent holders and potential licensors about just how much should be paid in any licensing agreement, or whether any licensing fees should even be paid at all. To make matters worse, the courts are making stupid decisions all the time.

In my mind, this is a clear situation where we need to blame whoever wrote patent law in the first place for failing to predict the mess they created. And blame more recent government(s) for failing to do anything about it.

But how to solve it? That's the trillion dollar question.

If I figure it out, I'm patenting it!

Comment Re:Evil Monopoly (Score 1) 314

have to

Nope. It's a choice. Apple is choosing to strangle the competition while they have the strong hand. Microsoft chooses to set up a protection racket with companies that infringe on their vaguely-defined Linux patents. In contrast, IBM and Google (generally?) don't pursue patent suits unless they're attacked first. (At least, that's the impression that's been put forth by tech journalism.)

You're making it sound like these same companies don't already have lawsuits against Apple. Excuse me but I see your fanboi is sticking out a bit. Cite a reference if you're going to claim that Apple is striking first.

Comment Re:next we'll hear that Dell is in trouble... (Score 1) 354

There is a market for sub 300 dollar notebooks.... they are called notebook computers.....I bought a 15 inch Toshiba notebook for my wife... LCD screen, 250 gig HD, 4 gigs of memory, Decent graphics and an AMD cpu for $279. Why would I bother with a POS netbook when I can get a fully functioning PC with a sane resolution?

What model? I can't find a 15" laptop of any brand for $279.

Comment Re:It's a trap: Next step: Proprietary battery (Score 1) 270

You make a good point -- I think that Canon is a lot better than some other manufacturers in this respect, but I just checked and their newest DSLRs are using a different battery which doesn't look like it'll work with my current camera. I think that having standardized battery types would be great -- it would be nice if batteries were as interchangeable as, say SD or CF cards. I see no reason why that isn't possible. That said, getting a hold of a CF card in 10 years may be tricky as well; guess we'll have to wait and see.

CF cards are still faster than SD and are still used in higher end camera's like my 5D MKII.

Comment Re:Of course it is real (Score 2) 585

NO. A lot of people who believe the earth is 6000 years old are also AGW deniers but I don't believe its true that "a lot" of AGW deniers think the earth is 6000 years old. In my experience most of them are just really hardcore skeptics, not religious zealots who believe Jesus was friends with the dinosaurs.

Comment Re:Can I propose another branch too? (Score 1) 341

I would add to that the requirement that any law can only be presented to the committee after the President has signed it, and they have 2 weeks to approve or disapprove. At the end of two weeks, the law defaults to "disapproved".

Good luck getting monstrous laws passed under that regime!

I would like to add that this branch be sequestered. They are not allowed to know which party (people) sponsored or voted for or against the bill. Their review is to be based on merit, not "I'm going to vote however the Democrats did because that's my party!"

Comment Re:intellectual property tax (Score 1) 303

If the RIAA wants their property protected without paying for it directly, then I suggest they start paying property taxes like everybody else who relies on the military or police to protect their property.

The best systems are ones that intrinsically converge to fairness -- e.g. the best way for two people who want cake to cut cake? One person cuts, the other chooses; the system enforces fairness. The best way for intellectual property to be protected? The content owners can pick whatever value they think their content is worth, then pay 4% property tax per year like everybody else. If a million people infringe on their property, each person is only liable for one-millionth of this taxable amount. The competing forces (A. company wants lower taxes so wants to claim their property is worthless, and B. company wants maximum awarded damages and so wants to claim their property is worth trillions) will force the company to self-assess a fair price. If their property is REALLY worth trillions, the company won't hesitate to pay 4% ($40 billion) per year in taxes. If the company isn't willing to pay more than $2 million per year in taxes to protect their property, then it's only worth $50 million, and so if they sue 50,000 people, each person is only liable for a maximum of $1,000. If the company isn't willing to pay more than $0 per year in taxes to protect their property, then their property is worthless and there's no penalty to infringe.

That system would ROCK. You could just pirate whatever you want. The more people who did it, the lower the per person cost. It would probably drive the cost per song down to about $1 per person per song! Brilliant!

Comment Re:you are damned right ( F. Zappa ) (Score 1) 582

I quit sending job-applications after age 45!


know why?

- I even didnt get an answer any more when saying how old I am

When I faked my age to 35 and still sent my list of features, they eagerly invited me for interviews

to withdraw with an: sorry we already filled the job

not saying: with someone cheaper!

Is it possible they ditched you after determining you lied on your application?

Comment Re:Have been prepaid for years now (Score 2) 276

I think this concept of phones as a status symbol is bunk. Or maybe its where I live and the circle I run with. I don't show my phone to people and I'm the only one who uses it. How is it a status symbol if no one cares, including me? I buy a cell phone based on what I want it to do, features that I like. I think the plans are too expensive frankly but they're all about the same and I want nationwide coverage so I swallow it and move on. Its irking that everything that is above the entry level is automatically tagged as a status symbol.

Comment Who's mind is changing? (Score 2) 237

What do the anti-ebook crowd hope to accomplish? I don't think paper books are EVER going away so I'm not sure the crusade is merited. If you don't like ebooks, don't buy them. I prefer them for novels where there isn't going to be charts and graphs that need to be studied. And I don't think libraries are going away either. If there are fewer of them, that's not the end of the world. People can travel relatively small distances with ease. It will still be more convenient than 60 years ago when people had to "go to the city for the day". I think ebooks and laptop vs. tablet are the two most annoying and useless debates going on in technology. The people that use the new technology usually love it and the people who hate it aren't changing any minds.

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