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Comment Forced in what way? (Score 1) 281

When forced to work on machines that have things locked down tight, downloading and installing a new tool is not always an option.

How are you "forced to work on machines" like that in the first place? Why can't you play the "can't do the job without appropriate tools" card to temporarily decline to work on them pending approval of use of, say, GIMP Portable?

Comment Off-Store apps work on Windows 10 Home/Pro (Score 1) 281

Off-Store apps can be installed in Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, just not Windows 10 S. What problem did you run into when installing Paint.NET on Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro? Or does your PC run Windows 10 S? If so, which make and model so that others can follow the growth of Windows 10 S usage share?

Comment Four seconds too long? (Score 2) 281

GIMP just takes forever to load.

Today at work, I tested this claim by starting GIMP on two PCs, one with Xubuntu 16.04 and the other with Windows 10, neither with an SSD. From choosing the app from the start menu to GIMP's main window appearing took four seconds on each. I also tested it a few days ago on a compact laptop with an SSD and an Atom CPU, and it took five seconds. But I concede that these tests weren't fresh after a PC restart, and it didn't have to rescan fonts and plug-ins. Or are you often triggering something that requires rescanning fonts and plug-ins?

Comment I use Winkey+R mspaint.exe as a backstop (Score 1) 281

I can tell any Windows user "hold down the windows key and R at the same time, and when the Run dialog box opens up, type MSPAINT.EXE and hit enter" knowing that some version of a "paint" program will open up.

I also know that this program will be able to open JPEG and other common types of image files.

Please don't take that away.

ditto "notepad.exe" "cmd.exe" "calc.exe" etc.: They all are "run that program and it will do what you expect" idioms in the Windows world.

It was bad enough when they took away "sol.exe" a few years back. Don't repeat that mistake.

Comment Re:Be careful (Score 2) 92

Agreed. If anything, this change is well overdue. Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence that a significant number of people buying drones don't know the legal rules for operating them and are doing so in ways that are dangerous, invade people's privacy, etc.

Given that there have already been multiple near-miss incidents close to major airports, for example, it's obvious that we've basically just been lucky so far, and the consequences when that luck runs out will be very bad.

Comment Re:Problem: FF getting locked down (Score 1) 208

1) I have a bunch of older extensions, some of which aren't signed.

Extensions listed on AMO before signing was instituted were automatically signed. For extensions distributed off-AMO, fork them pursuant to their free software licenses and submit your fork as an unlisted extension.

2) Sometimes I modify extensions (fix bugs, get rid of annoying behaviors).

Then you are a developer, not a "consumer" who only views works created by others. Fork the older extensions pursuant to their free software licenses and submit your fork as an unlisted extension, or use Firefox Developer Edition.

3) I don't want to have to "apply" to someone else for the right to run something on my own computer.

Then use Firefox Developer Edition.

Comment Desktop browsers discard DOMs to the page file (Score 1) 208

In principle, browsers for desktop operating systems already discard DOMs to the page file. One drawback of this approach is fragmentation: because one 4K page of memory may contain objects associated with more than one tab, it might take longer for a document to get completely paged out. To what extent does Firefox try to keep a document's data together in address space?

Comment DV requires intercepting more connections (Score 1) 189

If there is no "vetting" then why have CA's? Just self-sign and call it a day.

Self-signing allows any ISP to intercept your connection and act as a man in the middle without your knowledge. A domain-validated certificate requires an attacker to intercept not only your connection to the web server but also the CA's connection to the domain's DNS server days or weeks earlier when the certificate was issued.

Comment Because LE doesn't offer OV or EV certificates (Score 1) 189

Why hold one CA to a completely different set of standards than every other CA?

Because most other major CAs that offer domain-validated (DV) certificates also offer organization-validated (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) certificates for a higher price. Let's Encrypt does not.

Then go get the CA/Browser Forum to amend their requirements that all CAs and web browser makers follow.

Or write a browser extension to trust DV certificates less. Then you'll get a green bar on Twitter but a warning on Facebook. Comodo's Dragon browser, for example, has included something like this, displaying a warning the first time the user visits a site using a DV certificate. The warning's text begins as follows:

It may not be safe to exchange information with this site

The security (or SSL) certificate for this website indicates that the organization operating it may not have undergone trusted third-party validation that it is a legitimate business. Although the information passed between you and this website will be encrypted, you have no assurance of who you are actually exchanging information with[...]

Comment CAs aren't the domain police (Score 1) 189

it was assumed that CA has an Authority to verify that this website is who it claims it is.

And when the only claim in question is "this site is operated by the same entity that owns the domain", a CA offering domain-validated certificates has an Authority to verify this claim. Let's Encrypt does this through either a cleartext HTTP connection to the server or DNS TXT records. Verifying whether the domain owner ought to continue to own that domain, or that the domain is not misleadingly similar to the name of a large business, is outside the scope of a domain-validated certificate.

Comment Re: The Tab Groups feature was removed (Score 1) 208

Heavens no. I typically run Firefox with 12 or fewer tabs. Mostly I get "use bookmarks instead of tabs" from those who recommend that I work around broken suspend by instead shutting down the computer completely, and I get "discard inactive tabs" from those who recommend that I work around unavailability of small laptops that run GNU/Linux by using Android/Linux instead. But the "use bookmarks instead of tabs" and "discard inactive tabs" arguments are again popping up in this context.

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