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Comment Re:Humans Could Outrun T. Rex (Score 1) 255

100 metres in 24 seconds is not fast. Most people can sprint 100 metres in 13-16 seconds (world record is under 10), almost twice that speed. Speed drops off over distance but most people can run 400m in 60-70 seconds (each 100 metres in 16-17 seconds). If you don't think there's a big difference between these, time your best 100m run and then try to keep the same pace for 1km.

Comment Wow, really? (Score 1) 193

Fucking hell, Russia, keep up. No one plays with Fidget Spinners anymore, those were last term's toy, and now it's the Summer holidays.

By the time you publish your report, it'll be September and the kids will be back at school obsessing over the thing that starting trending during the break.

Personally my money's on the app that lets you link loads of phones together do you can all play a massive game of Simon Says.

Comment Re:Quality doesn't matter when it's disposable any (Score 1) 288

You don't, I don't, but we don't count. The majority out there does just that, so why bother building a cellphone that lasts? Yes, the 1% of people who actually care will be pissed, but they, too, will just buy a new cellphone. They'll just mutter profanities towards the manufacturer of their current phone while they buy a phone from the manufacturer they muttered profanities at 2 years ago when they bought the phone they are tossing now, while the rest of the people squeal "ohhh shiny!" while buying whatever phone has the latest bling.

In the end, we all buy. And that's all that counts to the makers of those phones.

Comment Re:Humans Could Outrun T. Rex (Score 3, Insightful) 255

Marathon runners run quite slowly, because they have to keep going for hours. This is how primitive humans caught their prey: not by being faster, but by having a lot more stamina and keeping catching up and forcing the prey to spring until it reached exhaustion. Most humans can run for short periods a lot faster than they can jog a marathon. That said, 15mph is a 4 minute mile, which under a thousand humans have ever done, so if the T. Rex doesn't give up after about 30 seconds then you're probably going to become eaten.

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