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Comment Re:Uh, not really (Score 1) 335

Its not really a troll... He is putting forward reasons why he thinks Firefox is a better browser. Then you have put forward reasons why you think that isnt the case. Although wheras the OP has done it in a mature and reasonable way, youve resorted to sarcasm and direct attacks.

This isnt trolling, this is a discussion on the relative merits for two platforms. If you think thats what trolling is and respond in a similar way all the time your colleagues must have a fun time.

I personally use Firefox as my primary, but ill freely admit its got its problems, which is why I keep Chrome, Safari and Opera installed. Along with needing to ensure consistency across those platforms.

Comment Re:In a stunning announcement (Score -1, Troll) 89

Uuuh not really, some theories cannot be tested, or we have not devised a way to do so yet. Hence why they are called Theories, not Proofs or Laws.

The Theory of relativity is a theory that is not testable, I wouldnt exactly say that isnt science.

Im not in favour of creationists here, but blanketly saying you can test your theories, and if you cant it isnt science, is just Wrong.

Please accept this reply in leiu of a "Wrong" Modification.

Comment Re:Perspective (Score 1) 306

These sorts of limits mostly apply to BT Wholesale Resellers. Many LLU Providers have caps much higher than this. For Example BE are pretty Lax with thier Fair usage Policy, as are UKOnline, both told me on the phone that they would look at about 500gb to be "excessive". As long as you can stay away from BT Wholesale, you should be ok.

Comment Re:Show me a single molecule quantum device (Score 1) 246

"I've never seen a quantum computing device smaller than the size of a small room, so I'm not really sure how fair it is to compare it to a PC."

Lets dial that back 60 years

"I've never seen a computing device smaller than the size of a small room, so I'm not really sure how fair it is to compare it to a team of specialists"


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