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Comment ugly as hell (Score 1) 381

Yep, the new news look is ugly as hell and far from good.. It's a bit like what they tried to do with SlashDot a while back.. Some UX designers really need to get their heads out of their asses, but most are just obnoxious people who think they know best for everybody, except they haven't used an application or site themselves.
Also a problem is, these people think there is only one good way to do UI, but forget that many people have different needs (or taste).

Comment Re:It would be funny, except ... (Score 1) 182

Backups? you mean those things that are infected too if the malware has been doing a good job of running for a couple of weeks.. Let's not forget, 'good' ransomware is already working weeks before they show themselves, and in the meantime it will affect all files which are being backedup. You're lucky if you can detect that ransomware way before it shows it's ugly head to you, but a lot of times it isn't.. great now you have a backup... but it's useless.. And in a lot of companies having to revert back to a month old backup is just as bad as not having a backup at all.. In these cases you're lucky if it's ransomware that only encrypts everything and when it's done will immediatly show it's head so you can put a day old backup back.

Comment Read it (Score 2) 125

Read the whole story and think... Then you'll know this 'researcher' is just bullshitting. You already need to start word in admin-mode (first thing that makes ms their claim still stand), then you need to click on the activate macro's button, and in the end you still need to be able to install the malware which is not on the ms windows store and therefore cannot simply be installed, but that's something he doesn't even do claiming with some bullshit about not wanting his network to be infested.. no this is just a clickbait article by zdnet for triggering some extra ad revenue...

Comment replace 'cooks' (Score 1) 632

Well as McDonalds (and many fastfood outlets) are just standard products, why not also let a machine do the creation of the burgers and meals. All you need is one or two 'supervisors' who can intervene if something goes wrong, instead of the 10+ personel now. It's already a sort of automatic process anyway.

Comment hmmm.. (Score 1) 124

knowing apple, they will have their own wirelesscharging system, so they can make extra money from selling the chargers. I do hope they will support Qi wireless charging, as most devices which have wireless charging support that standard. otherwise, just big finger to Apple, and hoping that the EU will call on them for not using a unified standard.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 271

It all depends on the language and as you say compiler. but who says this app was written in C? it's an iOS app, so I doubt it. It's more likely to be written in cocoa where as you put it correctly int can be 32bit or 64bit.
But i have no idea, as you cannot develop on windows for iOS (at least not compile and distribute).

Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 271

It's propably declared as 'Int' which takes the size of the platform is runs on, so on a 32bit platform it will be 32bit, on a 64bit platform it will be 64bit, and so on.. Personally I don't like declarations like that, always just declare it as what you want it to be (int32, int64 or uint32 if you're not gonna go negative, which would have worked in this case too).

Comment Re:good example... (Score 1) 469

All religion is just brainwashing people.. Religion has never really done any good, only harm (thinking religion makes you happy is just deluting yourself, it's nothing more than believing in fairytales.. and as long as you know they are fairytales there is nothing wrong, but most people who strongly believe see them as real.)
Taking away freedom of thought is what happens all the time, and especially in religion. There is no real freedom of thought.

Comment good example... (Score 4, Insightful) 469

This is a good example of why religion should be abolished throughout the world, ANY religion.. Religion has always been about control of the people, nothing more, nothing less. No law should EVER be based on religious stuff, and certainly religion should never be a reason why should be able to discriminate without problems, but if you say the same thing outside religion your bound to get in trouble.. Most wars are in the name of some religion, but all are about power and control..

Comment I hope not (Score 1) 808

I really hope not, Phyton is an ugly language, widely adopted or used doesn't say anything about the language being good.

People who complain that you can't build large scale systems without a compiler likely over-rely on the latter and are slaves to IDEs. If you write good unit tests and enforce Test Driven Development, the compiler becomes un-necessary and gets in the way. You are forced to provide too much information to it (also known as boilerplate) and can't quickly refactor code, which is necessary for quick iterations.

What nonsense is that? someone who says something like that has never really done any real development and is just a hack..
Why the hell are you a slave to an IDE if you're using a compiler, how does the writer of the article do it's refactoring or test driven development. I don't buy for second he/she does everything by hand.

Comment Re:WAIT, WAIT (Score 0) 52

Any OS isn't safe it you don't update it regularly, MacOS and Linux are also very unsafe if you don't keep it updated, it's not like those OSses are any safer than current Windows is. Only reason why those seem to be safer is due to it still not having enough (dumb) users for hackers to target it.

Comment great (Score 1) 52

and yet another attempt at getting 15 minutes of fame.. Using a security hole that has been fixed almost 3 months ago, with an OS that updates itself about every week, so unless you really have updates turned off and never manually loaded updates it's mute.. Why do these guys even get attention?

Comment Re:Deck maintenance (Score 1) 125

There used to be special tapes for that, that did most of the cleaning and demagnitizing, but it's always better to let a REAL professional clean the heads manually.
But yeah, I guess mostly it will be due to bad/old/dirty heads and not really the tape itself (ofcourse there is always an exception as people don't always store the tapes in the best places, I saw someone who actually put the tapes on their speakerset and wondered why the tapes got bad).

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