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Comment Re:Strange days indeed.... (Score 1) 578

I agree with you, but as long as countries as the US and Russia still have nuclear weapons (and are even renewing them, and if it's up to Trump even expanding them), then any other country has the right to also develop and maintain nuclear weapons, even countries like NK or Iran. Not that I like it, but at this moment the biggest threat to the world is Trump in control of the US nuclear weapons.

Comment Re:First person shooters should be banned (Score 1) 133

oh please.. We should ban puzzle games, as that would increase the intelligent thinking of a person.
Mass shootings have got absolutely nothing to do with FPS shooters. Before you go ban FPS shooters, let's ban weapons.
And it's better to get rid of your frustration through a computer game, than having it build up and go rampage in real life..

Comment uhh.. (Score 1) 187

excuse me? good at design? Have you actually SEEN what they presented? none of that actually looked any good, just like their chromecast which looks awful.
Sorry but if there's one thing google's bad at, it's design.

Comment Re:not so much.. (Score 1) 169

You really don't have a grasp at reality or logic, but your logic really borders on the same logic many thiefs employ to try to sweet talk their illegal behavior. It's like if someone's beating you completely senseless and then just says, what you're complaining about, you're still alive..

Comment new cars only (Score 1) 503

Within 10 years it will be the ban of selling new ICE cars, and maybe ICE's that are 30+ years old (and don't pass a certain emission standard).
It'll take a few decades before the whole fleet of ICE cars have been replaced, you just cannot ban cars as a lot of people still depend on them and do not have the money to buy new ones. Also at this time the technology for batteries isn't commercially viable/good enough for replacing the ICE for long range/offroad situations. But in 10 years that will have changed, just as the ammount of charging stations, because if they thought people having airconditiongs on during the warmer periods is already a problem for powersupply, wait until it also has to charge every EV (which ofcourse takes a lot of energy). So it's great if they want to ban ICE's, but they first need to make sure that range is much better and there is a good infrastructure to charge all those EV's. Both are heading in the right direction.
Let's not forget, people still want to drive the old cars as they love them, so there needs to be a plan to let people be able to do so (even if it requires a total conversion to EV).

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