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Comment Simple (Score 1) 192

Get a router supporting DD-WRT and add custom route configurations to put all non VoD / Gaming traffic or anything requiring all of your bandwidth through a VPN like Vyper or something. That sufficiently covers most browsing / text communications. TBH I wouldn't bet that the security services don't have the power to snoop into encrypted / VPN connections on our national infrastructure anyway, but why would you care as long as you're not a terrorist or kiddie fiddler? You just want to prevent Theresa May and her bullshit short sighted policies from snooping on you for no justified / legal reason (like they probably already have been, anyway).

Comment Re:Safari really is the new IE (Score 1) 132

+++ and a lot later than you would expect from the so called pioneers of recent web browser technologies. They've only just caught up with other vendors, I have no idea what the fuck Apple's management are doing bearing in mind that Safari is literally WebKit with some additional integrations.

Don't believe me? Look at the revision history and release cycle, it's insulting.

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