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Comment Re:/r/nottheonion (Score 2) 333

NotTheOnion is all true news stories. The general gist is that the headline/premise is so ludicrous that one's first thought is "It must be The Onion", but then it's not. In reference to GP's headlines, I've heard at least 4 of them, but the Venezuela one threw me for loop. Here's the article, if anyone is interested:

Comment Re:Good riddance. (Score 1) 91

I feel like many fad technologies, most of it's market isn't people buying them for themselves, but as gifts. With birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine's, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc etc etc, it's a huge pain to get a gift that the average adult: doesn't already have, hasn't already received, and haven't bought for themselves by spending 5 seconds on Amazon. With fad technologies, at least there's less of a chance they already one. (Or even if they do, it's OK, because you're buying them the newest, shiniest one!!!)

Comment Re:Tell that to (Score 1) 88

Game design-wise, co-op 3D is a different beast. 2D allows multiple players to share the same screen, therefore "share the experience". In a full 3D game, you have to do split screen. Which is possible and has been done -- but it's very hard to make those games foster the same feeling of cooperation. You pay more attention to your own side/corner of your screen, instead of the big picture. Everyone's free to wonder off and do their own thing -- and so, they do. The only way 3D co-op is done well if when players are FORCED to work together, which generally requires puzzles. That's why Portal 2 could work in this environment. But other genres? I haven't seen it figured out yet.

Comment Ting for low end w/ data usage (Score 1) 375

Can't vouch for quality since I haven't tried many providers... but it is super affordable. Their usage is tiered, but they'll automatically move you without any penalty to whatever tier you use for that month, even if you use a lower tier. Yes, that means if you're on a 500 MB plan and you use less than than 100 MB, they'll charge you for the 100 MB for that month. How crazy is that?

My cell phone bill went down $15 switching from a voice + text w/ AT&T to voice + text + data with Ting. Only downside is that the phones aren't subsided, so I paid $200 for mine. But obviously the prices are still going to work in my favor in the long run, especially since I'm not a phone hopper and can easily see myself keeping this one for 3-4 years.

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