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Comment Re: Unacceptable (Score 2) 143

What *you* call racism is acceptable in certain cultures and in certain contexts. Even if it is racism per definition, the majority of the world accepts that racism is a natural thing and works with and around it.

It's hard to explain in words to an American like you but travel the world, get to know people and you'll see, people make jokes about their own and other races much more often than American Puritans or SJW would allow them to.

Comment Re: Unacceptable (Score 2) 143

Black people - in America - found it offensive. Apparently no asian person found it offensive nor did the person appearing in the ad, they wouldn't have made the ad otherwise. In Europe we have black people going as slaves/helpers in religious processions with white saints.

Travel the world, you'll find it interesting how much hullabaloo we make of political issues that to the rest of the world and in context, don't matter.

Comment Re: IT is out, DevOps is in (Score 1) 413

But if you pull out the lawyerish CYA language it works a lot better:
"Dear Bossman, In my considered professional opinion proposal X will be severely detrimental to the security of our systems. By going ahead with X, we are exposing both the company and our customers to unnecessary and potentially disastrous risk. Having notified you of this unacceptable risk, I disclaim any and all personal responsibility for any adverse effects that may result."

That is a nice trick, I am definitely adding it to my toolkit.

Comment Re:DevOps is out, DevSecOps is in (Score 1) 413

ok, I looked it up. Found this, I'm liking what I see. Their manifesto needs some conciseness, though. Indeed, if security isn't a part of the product from the beginning, it can't be added later.

The purpose and intent of DevSecOps is to build on the mindset that "everyone is responsible for security"

Comment Re: Unacceptable (Score 1) 143

And based on that commercial you can see that "racism", on both the giving and receiving ends of the equation is just what society says is acceptable.

What I meant is that in Asian societies, what we call "racist" is acceptable. If you had a universal translator in Chinese groups working within the US, many, many people would be grossly offended. Even within Asian subcultures you'll see Japanese, Koreans and Chinese dislike each other based on the color of their skin and they see nothing wrong with it, hell, they take stuff like network equipment or computers home from work and they see nothing wrong with it.

Submission + - Researchers able to Track Individuals Through Ad Networks (

phantomfive writes: Researchers were able to track, and use GPS data from the ad network to track a user to their actual location, and trace movements through town. The paper asks: "can third-parties use the purchasing of ads to extract private information about individuals? We find that the answer is yes. For example, in a case study with an archetypal advertising network, we find that — for $1000 USD — we can track the location of individuals who are using apps served by that advertising network."

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