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Comment Re:!HP (Score 2) 474

So you're saying that release is less important than *starting* design? Really? Do you think that HP just magically intuited what Apple was doing, then spat out a product, without any planning or development, in order to beat something that didn't really exist yet to the punch? I'd actually be impressed if they did, but that just doesn't seem possible.

Comment Re:Wow, this _is_ kind of a shame (Score 4, Funny) 366

"At least the poor thing never ended up in a nursing home. Bad food[...]"

After they were done, they donated the remains to a local nursing home to turn into soup. A Welsh nursing home. Your comment, however accurate it may be, is just cruelly throwing salt in the wound. Not literally, of course. The soup could probably use it if you did, though.

Comment Re:Because Corps are Distusting! (Score 1) 289

"Small companies are not just more fun [...] there's usually minimal to no politics"

I'm very much sure that isn't true. The politics are certainly different, and often clearer, but that doesn't make them less potentially dangerous to your career. When the president, CEO, and head of HR are all the same person and that person also owns the company, it can become VERY uncomfortable if any one of those titles comes into conflict with you for any reason.

Wherever you work,it's a good idea to keep an escape plan ready, just in case things go sideways on you.

Comment Re:Bulls**t: 24% is a _lot_! (Score 1) 289

My personal experience is that current teenagers are, overall, vastly more realistic with their career plans and expectations than my peers and I were at that age. Hell, many of them are more realistic about that stuff than many of my peers are NOW, and I'm definitely too old to aspire to rock stardom or astronaut or whatever sans serious progress toward already being there.

Of course, that's just my anecdotal, unscientific, likely unrepresentative experience. YMMV.

Comment Re:Bulls**t: 24% is a _lot_! (Score 1) 289

"If you cant figure out how to set up your own lab, then you have no business even thinking about Cyber Security or computers in general."

Also, if you can't afford bread you should just eat cake. Not everyone has the resources, which can include space, to set up a security lab, and nobody is going to do so without first deciding that they actually want to get into cyber security. If you're going to force that catch 22, then the field really won't have anyone other than those raised by incumbent professionals... not exactly a great model.

Comment Re:Outdated trains (Score 1) 237

Keep in mind that the NYC subway is also one of the oldest in the world: they had very few predecessors to learn from and far more limited technology to work with when it was designed and constructed. Occasional retrofits are possible, and several have been made, but any sort of substantive upgrade is hard to implement when you're working on a finished, active subterranean system that runs, as you not, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Comment Re: County Lawyer (Score 1) 144

Language is imprecise and governed in actual far more by guidelines than by immutable rules.

Inserting commas would have been entirely acceptable for most forms of written English, and would have improved parsing for laymen interested in his work (presumably a target audience for his homepage). It may, however, conflict with legal syntax; a lawyer would be more qualified than I to assess that possibility.

Comment Re:Whoosh (Score 5, Insightful) 547

Hmm... interesting, but no, it almost certainly didn't happen that way.

For one thing, the retraction will never make as much news as the initial announcement. For another, there is enormous risk that, whatever they say, people will suspect that these schemes still exist (even if they are, for the time being, disabled) and avoid the system out of fear that they will be implemented later.

If this manages to work out in their favor, which is almost certainly not going to happen, it will be a miracle. Far more likely is that they are hoping to win back those customers who were fleeing toward the PS4 due entirely to the DRM issues but honestly prefer the XBox experience and crossing their fingers that by the time the consoles actually drop people have either largely forgotten (which is certainly possible) or, even better, that Sony screws something up even more (which is also certainly possible, Sony did think it was a good idea to deploy pirated rootkits). Expect them to walk on eggshells for the next few months, just to make sure they don't reignite the matter.

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