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Comment Re: Meh. (Score 1) 158

The revenue is a bonus, not an objective. The point is to make sure everyone is guilty of something. The feeling of guilt breeds fear in most people and unease in even the best... actual criminals could care less but that's pretty much always been the case. Democracy was a bold experiment but once you dumb people down enough they will happily sell the future for a simple and obvious lie. As long as you can keep people fractured and afraid, you can lead them just about anywhere. Power is only threatened when people look past the interests of self, clan (tribe, not kkk), political affiliation, and nation to see what would actually benefit the future of humanity.

Power is pretty safe as things sit at the moment.

Comment Re:Hydrogen Holographic Display (Score 1) 76

Not sure what a "phonedog" is

dog [dawg, dog] noun ... 12. Machinery.

any of various mechanical devices, as for gripping or holding something. a projection on a moving part for moving steadily or for tripping another part with which it engages.

13. Also called gripper, nipper. Metalworking. a device on a drawbench for drawing the work through the die. 14. a cramp binding together two timbers. 15. an iron bar driven into a stone or timber to provide a means of lifting it. 16. an andiron; firedog.

A phonedog appears to be a type of zombie that is always gripping a phone as it wanders about.

Oh Dear Lord!
Our cities have already been overrun by them!!!

Comment Re: We already have it. (Score 1) 144

OK. I have never run across any content like you describe while searching for "how to" videos.
I guess I'm just blessed with mundane interests...
Now, there are a ton of people that don't know what they are talking about, but that's what happens when you give everyone a voice.
It never means we are obligated to listen.

Comment Re: We already have it. (Score 1) 144

Youtube is free, and is the closest to a Netflix of Education.

Ask Youtube how to do anything. There is probably a video.

And hundreds of people who are there to tell you,

A) You're doing it wrong
B) You don't need to learn this, because the Earth is flat and Jews control everything
C) You're a fag for wanting to learn this. And probably a Jew.

If I'm looking at a how to video (laptop tear down comes to mind), why would I bother with the comments?

D) Prophet!!!

Comment Re:There is always a solution: (Score 2) 96

Then they quit and get replaced by cheaper developers that create more bugs.

Prompting more payouts followed by decreased developer payments leading to cheaper developers that create more bugs...
Now THAT'S how you simulate an economy!

(Seriously Kidding... or Kiddingly Serious...
I always get those mixed up...)

Comment Re:So Make Hydrogen (Score 1) 324

I think you could get the brine into deep water pretty easy in Southern California. The more salt, the heavier the solution so getting it off the continental shelf should keep it at the bottom. It would cool just flowing through a pipe to the edge of the drop, which is not far in a lot of places. GoogleMaps
Another thought along your lines is that if oil consumption goes down there may be cold water deep sea oil platforms available for re-purposing... Save fresh water in bags below the waterline and dump salty water right back into the deep. Obsolete oil tankers could haul water just as well as they did oil... and a spill would not be an issue like it is now.

Comment Re:So Make Hydrogen (Score 4, Interesting) 324

Actually, I think one of the issues with melting polar ice is a decrease in salinity that slows the circulation of the oceans. It used to be that cold salty water dropped to the ocean floor at the poles and drove an underwater river that circled the globe, That is now slowing, too much warmer fresh water from ice melting (no matter why). Less winter sea ice forming means less salt adding to the process.
Also, people are actively harvesting sea salt today in California... not sure why... lot of algae from the looks of it.
San Francisco Bay @ Coyote Creek... I don't think I want that on my salad...

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