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Comment In a related news... (Score 2) 11

...the baloon crash-landed in an unexpected way. Further examination revealed that the baloon succesfully captured some spherical particles of about 1mm diameter, that were so energetic (energy has been estimated in the TeV range), to pierce the baloon causing it to deflate. Mass-spectrometry analysis of the strange particles revealed that they are made of lead, with some traces of antimony and arsenic.

NASA scientists are puzzled, because this kind of particles weren't supposed to exist in space, at least according to current cosmological theories, and they are now busy trying to modify current models of star evolution to explain the presence of lead in space. An unidentified source suggested a terrestrial origin for the particles, but it has vigorously denied by a NASA spokeperson.

Comment Ham radio license stats are also interesting. (Score 2) 78

Amateur radio licenses vs. population. Apart Japan (where aged people represent most of the population - ham radio is mostly a hobby for old people), France, Germany, Italy and other industrialized countries show a negligible interest into ham radio. Together with the results described in TFA, one could argue that wasting time into social media isn't a good way to be productive.

Comment They probably fooled more than one AI system... (Score 0) 237

There is this statement in the linked work by Nguyen et al: "Our paper was identified as the 63rd most talked about scientific paper worldwide in 2015 (source: alt metrics). It was also selected for Oral presentation at CVPR (3% acceptance rate) and received a Community Top Paper award. ".

Results about the paper metric seem to have been automatically generated by some AI software. I wonder if they fooled this as well...

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