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Comment Re:Ada (Score 1) 494

Ada has nothing like Rust's affine type system and the Rust features that flow from it --- strong control of aliasing, immutability guarantees (while you have an immutable reference to data, *nothing* else can modify that data), data-race freedom, dynamic memory allocation with no possibility of dangling pointers while not requiring GC/refcounting, etc.

This paper explains the unique virtues of Rust in a language-theoretic manner: https://people.mpi-sws.org/~dr...

Comment Re:Tabs are a poor approximation (Score 1) 164

I shared a ski cabin with Eric Allman's sister. Actually, it was sort of the Berkeley and Sun Unix cabin. Everybody but Bill Joy stopped in. So Eric heard from me directly that I didn't like Sendmail.

I changed a number of projects from Autotools (which I am joyous to have left) to cmake. Cmake's language design leaves something to be desired, but it is in general sane, portable, and more capable than make, and you rarely have to look at the makefile (or whatever) it generates.

Comment Tabs are a poor approximation (Score 2) 164

Tabs descend from the manual typewriter, where they were a poor approximation to properly-formatted columnar layouts. Unfortunately now they join several other forms of white-space (because of Unicode) which are sometimes impossible to distinguish from each other. The safest thing to do is thus to only use space for horizontal spacing. Certainly software should not distinguish white-space characters differently. I'm looking at you, "Make", and yes I've heard the story about it being too late to change because there were already 12 users.

Comment Re:Wrong! (Score 2) 337

I do not vocalize anything when reading.

One of the key things about learning 20 WPM Morse Code was that you could no longer think of it as dots and dashes because that would slow you down. You had to recognize the entire sound of the letter as just a sound. Similarly, good readers read entire words at once, not the letters, and they don't sound anything out. Those things slow you down.

Comment Re:Please Read The Entire Statement (Score 1) 474

You are also ignoring the paragraph after the one you cited:

Protection Against Additional Restrictions Usersâ(TM) freedoms cannot be protected if parties can add restrictive terms to the copyleft. The âoeno additional restrictionsâ principle is therefore unwaivable if the GPL licenses are to achieve their primary objective. GPLv2 therefore requires that the only license terms available for works based on GPLv2 works are the terms of GPLv2. GPLv3, in Â7, enumerates a few classes of permissible additional terms, to allow very limited license variations in particular circumstances. But with these exceptions, the âoeno further restrictionsâ principle applies strictly. For these reasons, acceptance requirements or ceremonies, including âoeclick to acceptâ installation routines, violate the terms of GPL.

By this interpretation, both the distributor who offered an additional term and the customer who accepted it in breach.

I should also add that SFLC's interpretation of the GPL is not binding upon anyone but SFLC, and arguably not even them. I certainly don't have to accept it or abide by it.

Comment Re:Please Read The Entire Statement (Score 1) 474

The infringing derivative work is not the software which the Linux developers license to people under the GPL. It is a separate work to which the GPL does not apply and to which the Linux developers hold a copyright interest and the only remedy which can permit its legal use. The Linux developers never intended to license that work, they still haven't, the GPL doesn't apply to it.

Comment Re:Uhhhhhhh (Score 2) 474

I got a copy of the agreement. It's here. It's pretty clearly in violation. The offending language is:

Notwithstanding these rights and obligations, the User acknowledges that redistribution of the provided stable patches or changelogs outside of the explicit obligations under the GPL to User's customers will result in termination of access to future updates of grsecurity stable patches and changelogs.

The entire point of the langauge in section 6 of the GPL is so that another party can not cause you to negotiate away your GPL rights.

Comment Re:Not related to their mark (Score 1) 474

I got a copy of Grsecurity's Stable Patch Access Agreement. It's a written term, given to you before the act of distribution. It's rather imprudent of them to write it down if you ask me.

The entire point of the language against additional terms in the GPL is so that others can not negotiate with you for you to give up any of your GPL rights.

I don't think this gives you an obligation to support software you didn't provide. You are not, in that case, refusing to support the software that you did provide. In contrast, Grsecurity shuts the customer off entirely.

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