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Comment Re:This is crazy (Score 1) 875

What this means is that nobody can cut you off for whatever reason.
If you do not pay for the broadband, then can sue you, then can claim damages, but they can not cut your internet line.
You can download terabytes of illegal porn, and they absolutely must not break your internet connection.

Just like wattery supply. It is a basic human right. As is internet in Finland, from now on.

Comment Re:Good idea, but how? (Score 1) 138

They present two words - one is computer generated and is, in fact, the real CAPTCHA test. The other is a failed to OCR word from a book. People fill both words, because they don't know, which is which. They show the same failed OCR word to a hundred people and get a stable result by majority of people, even if somebody tries to abuse the system and write some bad words instead.

Comment Re:Google will have to pay (Score 1) 408

Sure they have. It's called "robots.txt" - and a photographer publishing their works on a web site simply has to ask Google not to index them. And they won't. They'll also lose the potential exposure, but that's a choice.

What if you store your photos remotely? On Flickr?
What if somebody steals your photos and hosts himself, what Google indexes?

robots.txt is not an answer to copyright infringement, it's simply a guide to indexing.

Comment Re:Timing is everything (Score 1) 465

But just wait a couple more months when unemployment starts hitting double digits. You'll be able to pick up very good, experienced developers for half, maybe a third of their current salaries.

We need "-1, Sad" ._. (By the way, what is wrong with Slashdor parser? The following should be four characters of quotes: â â(TM) âoe â)

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