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Comment Re:Saying no (Score 1) 638

I did a "nuke the site from orbit" job on my sister's machine which had gotten infected from something she did to it. Spotting limewire on the machine, I uninstalled it and told her if it happened again (ie, her machine is loaded with malware and she's got crap like limewire installed), she'd have to pay me to clean up after her.

Comment Re:Let me ask a "stupid" question (Score 1) 318

Being able to solve NP-Complete or NP-hard problems optimally in polynomial time would allow engineers to produce better/smaller (on the circuit level) computer systems faster, as the field of physical design automation and testing is littered with NP-complete (or NP-hard) problems. It would also leave a lot of engineering researchers free to look into something else.

Comment Re:Tag article witchhunt (Score 1) 890

And, last I heard, the fuel efficiency of rail is frickin' awesome. While the engine itself is around 1-2MPG (diesel), that engine is towing tons and tons and tons of equipment behind it (American Association of Railroads claims that they get around 457 tons moved one mile per gallon of diesel fuel).

Comment Re:Should be fine... (Score 3, Informative) 510

OneNote is a extremely useful piece of software, and the primary reason I keep an Win7 VM around. It easily qualifies for "best tool for the job". Nearest piece of work I've seen is Jarnal (pen input) and/or Tomboy (wikiish notes). The handwriting recognition and math functionality is top-notch (realizing that the handwriting subsystem shipped with Win7).

Comment Re:E INK FTW (Score 1) 164

Those color competitors, IIRC, had severe drawbacks to them in their own right (the Game Gear's larger form factor and needing 6 AAs for it -- reusing your 8-bit Master System design for a handheld was probably not the best idea) and the original Game Boy had deep market penetration. When Nintendo finally did produce a color version of the Game Boy, it was a pretty halfass color screen, but still maintained the platform benefits. Nintendo didn't produce a device with a screen "like" the Game Gear's until the Game Boy Advance; which was able to leverage improved screen tech.

Comment Re:Barking up the wrong tree... (Score 1) 164

I have the regular Nook, and I hope B&N does produce a color eInk device. The LCD in their new offering moves the device closer to 'generic 7" Android tablet' than electronic reading (IMHO). I bought the Nook on the strength of its eInk screen (less eyestrain, low power usage, etc), and have not been displeased with it.

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