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Comment Re:smart money (Score 1) 103

Care to quantify exactly how much tourism is directly because of Lord of the Rings?

Thought not.
It's no different to the bullshit written about the "benefits" to NZ of the America's Cup which will cost taxpayers $100 million or more, with "returns" calculated by the beneficiaries and reported without any real analysis.

These things are just subsidies by taxpayers to big business.

Comment Re:smart money (Score 4, Interesting) 103

Unfortunately it's not just Republicans and Democrats doing this.

Hollywood found this trick 25 years ago, and extorted the Gold Coast in Australia, Toronto in Canada, and New Zealand (that I know of) with the "All those nice jobs will have to go overseas unless we get some subsidies" trick.

The Lord of the Rings movies cost my neighbours and I $50 million for instance.

They're all arseholes.

Comment Re: The point is to make the Republican party (Score 3, Interesting) 143

what makes you think they would pass a net neutrality law that would benifit you?

And why should they? The whole US political system is set up to turn money into influence.

When the oil industry wrote George Bush the second's energy policy, those of us who live in a democracy were shocked, but as far as I can understand it was pretty uncontroversial in the US.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What's the modern equivalent of the Eee netbook? 4

Kevin108 writes: I've used and loved my Eee 701 for many years. None of the diminutive ergonomics were ever an issue, but the low-res screen, 4 GB SSD, and 630 MHz Celeron are a useless combo for current web browsing and modern software. I'm now in the market for a new device in a similar form factor. I need a Windows device for my preferred photo editor and some other software I use for maps. It will often be used offline for writing and watching MKVs in VLC. I'm okay with a notebook or tablet and keyboard combo, but I've not found anything in a similar size with my feature requirements. Any suggestions on what might work for me?

Comment CEOs Talk Rubbish (Score 1) 129

It's the time of year when CEO's (and other PHB's) are expected to give some sort of "inspirational" message to the serfs, so the result is often this sort of unbelievable nonsense.
Intel is probably staffed by a lot of very clever people who won't be taken in by this at all.
I work for a huge multinational too, and our CEO told us how much he values our contribution, which we all thought was hilarious.

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