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Comment Re:It already doesn't look good (Score 1) 88

SNAP is insanely, stupidly over-valued and we all know it. The only ones who don't seem to be the ones hurling money at it.

While you do make a good point, I think the investors in SNAP do know it is insanely overvalued. I think they hope to off-load their shares at a profit before the crash comes.

After all, there is one born every minute.

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 2) 71

I think that must be common. I don't live in the US but we have the same attitude from the Police, from what I gather.

Fun fact: Years ands years ago my flatmate (room mate) caught a burglar climbing in our window. He beat the guy so badly the Police had to take him to hospital for treatment before charging him.

The burglar yelled about having my flatmate charged with assault, so the cops threatened to charge with every burglary in our area that month. Turns out there were more than 150, they had solved none of them.

My flatmate was not too worried about being charged with anything, his Father was a QC (extremely senior lawyer) there was no way he was winding up in court.

Comment Re:Next! (Score 0) 155

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go give a lavishly paid speech to Friends of Hamas,” Krugman quipped, referring to Breitbart’s recent invention of a group purportedly tied to defence Secretary Chuck Hagel that ended up not actually existing.

That is so funny.

I love the weirdo US far right. They are extremely entertaining, especially when I see Sarah Palin on the news giving a "speech".

If there are any other speakers on the bill, you can see them in the background with looks of utter revulsion on their faces, because even other right wing weirdos think she's beyond the pale.

Comment Re:What a list (Score 1) 41

I had this vague hope that London Has Fallen might be some awesome alternate history thing about the Nazis winning WWII, but no, part of a "Franchise" the first of which was a total load, but made money.

I noted that Gerard Butler is a "Producer" for the third one, which I assume is code for "You need to pay me more to keep doing this rubbish".

Comment Re:Because the tech industry is soulless (Score 1) 181

The Catholic Church is not afraid of science, true enough, as you point out, they employ a bunch of scientists, and have done for a long time.

Other religions are terrified of science however, Islam being a good example. In the early Middle Ages Islam was the centre of scientific progress, but the religious elements suppressed science, based on the notion that the explanation that "God wills it" is enough. (This is probably simplistic, but is my rough understanding).

Islam is not the only anti-science religious group though, from the Scopes Monkey trial to attempts to teach Creationism in science classes in the US, various Protestant groups are obviously anti-science.

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