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Comment CEOs Talk Rubbish (Score 1) 129

It's the time of year when CEO's (and other PHB's) are expected to give some sort of "inspirational" message to the serfs, so the result is often this sort of unbelievable nonsense.
Intel is probably staffed by a lot of very clever people who won't be taken in by this at all.
I work for a huge multinational too, and our CEO told us how much he values our contribution, which we all thought was hilarious.

Comment Re:Don't be mistaken (Score 1) 415

I don't remember being told there were limits on care went my wife broke her ankle earlier this year, in fact when she needed a second operation to remove some plates and screws, she waited a total of about 24 hours to get the operation she needed.
Total cost (or out of pocket as you Americans seem to call it) was about $90 for some Physiotherapy.
Don't believe your propaganda, the US has the worst of of both worlds went it comes to health care.

Comment Re:Faith (Score 1) 211

Not to nitpick/derail too much, but how did modern evangelicals lose the spirit of folks like Aquinas?

I would argue that modern evangelical religion in the American sense is not really a religious movement, but a scam to seperate suckers from their money, and it seems to work pretty well on the whole.

Comment Re:Free stuff for poor people + No Borders (Score 2) 418

Most of those countries are poor because they had governments that pursued economically illiterate 'free stuff for the masses, screw the rich' policies.

Well, to be fair when Chile tried that in 1973 the CIA murdered the President.
When Hondurans tried, American troops murdered a whole bunch of them so that bananas would be cheap.
So, maybe you're wrong.

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